the Merlus inflict their first defeat of the season on Lyon

the Merlus inflict their first defeat of the season on Lyon

It’s over, Lorient wins

Les Merlus won with style against OL and returned to match their opponents in the standings. Les Gones know their first defeat of the season.

Moffi comes out

Terem Moffi leaves under the ovation of the Yves-Allainmat sat. He is replaced by Koné.

Lacazette attempts a diversion

On a center at the near post, Alexandre Lacazette tries a deflection but his ball goes over.

What a gesture from Barcola

Bradley Barcola tries a particularly daring gesture in the opposing area but the Lorient defense is still present.

Le Bris tries the dive

Théo Le Bris tries to imitate Moffi by attempting a small dive over Lopes but his ball is too crossed.

What a tackle from Talbi

While Lacazette wanted to find a partner behind but Talbi made a superb tackle.

Five minutes left

There are only five short minutes left for the Lyonnais to come back up to the level of the Lorientais.

Dembele is warned

Moussa Dembélé takes a yellow card after a delayed foul.

What a stop from Mvogo

What a save from Mvogo who makes a big save as Tagliafico smacks a header from close range.

The Lyon combination does not go to the end

Rayan Cherki solicits Lacazette for a one-two but the return from the former Gunner is too long.

Corners are increasing for OL

Symbol of the pressure put by the Lyonnais: this succession of corners.

Lacazette gets a corner

The French international gets a corner. Cherki hits him but the Lorient defense holds and fends off the danger.

Double change for OL

Peter Bosz is betting on youth to try to reverse the trend with the entries of Cherki and Barcola in place of Tetê and Toko-Ekambi.

Gusto’s cross is missed

The Lyon side applies to cross but his attempt ends directly in the gloves of Mvogo.

The Lorient defense holds

Despite heavy pressure from Lyon, the Lorient people manage, for the moment, to maintain their advantage of two goals.

65% possession for OL

The Lyonnais have 65% possession of the ball but are still trailing by two goals by a realistic Lorient team.

First change for Lorient

Théo Le Bris, nephew of the Lorient coach, replaces Stéphane Diarra for the last 25 minutes of this meeting.

Dembele stumbles on Mvogo

On a superb combination from Lyon between Tolisso, Lacazette and Dembélé, the latter tries to concretize but he falls on Mvogo.

Abergel’s strike is missed

On a new counter led by the Lorient, Kalulu serves Abergel back but the former Marseillais misses his shot.

Régis Le Bris seems satisfied

On the edge of the lawn, the Lorient coach continues the movements of encouragement to his team.

Superb release from Mvogo

On a good shift from Lacazette, Tetê tries to slip the ball but Mvogo pops up at the feet of the Brazilian.

Da Silva takes a yellow

Terem Moffi performs a real festival which is interrupted by the tackle of Da Silva who receives a yellow for this gesture.

Goal disallowed for Da Silva

Damien Da Silva believes he has scored but the goal is disallowed because the Lyon defender helped himself.

What an action from Moffi

After a loss of ball from Toko-Ekambi, Terem Moffi rolls up but his ball flirts with the left post of Lopes which seemed beaten.

What against Lorient who makes the break

What an incredible counter from the Hakes! Kalulu serves Ouattara at the far post and the young Lorient winger finishes perfectly.

Gusto’s completely missed touch

Malo Gusto totally misses his touch by bringing it into the field before bringing it out. So it changes hands.

What an opportunity for Lacazette

Alexandre Lacazette misses his gesture when he had been ideally served by Tolisso in the back of the defense.

Triple change at the break

Peter Bosz does not wait any longer to react and brings in three new players. Thiago Mendes, Lepenant and Faivre leave and are replaced by Da Silva, Tolisso and Dembélé.

It’s back to Lorient

Bastien Dechepy kicks off the second half of this late match of the second day of Ligue 1 between Lorient and OL. The locals lead two goals to one.

Lorient leads at the break

The Hakes lead quite logically at half-time against Lyon who struggled to produce play.

one more minute

An extra minute will be played in this first period.

Yellow for Diarra

Stéphane Diarra is cautioned after a foul on Tagliafico. A dangerous free kick is to follow for OL.

First corner for OL

Malo Gusto gets a first corner for OL after seeing his cross blocked by Le Goff.

What a game of Ouattara

Like this long solitary breakthrough, Dango Ouattara achieves a first period of very high quality.

Diarra remains on the ground

After a deflected cross from Ouattara, Diarra throws himself to resume but comes into contact with Tagliafico. The Lorient winger is struggling to get up.

Toko-Ekambi uses Mvogo

The Lorient goalkeeper won in front of Toko-Ekambi who had rolled up in the penalty area. Mvogo takes it twice.

Moffi doubles down

Lorient returns to the front after a huge error by Thiago Mendes. The Lorient striker took advantage of this and finished with a subtle dive in front of Lopes.

Gusto error

Thiago Mendes saves Gusto who is wrong in his back pass. Peter Bosz is particularly pissed off.

Favre rolls up

After a good collective streak from Lyon, Romain Faivre rolls in from outside the area but Mvogo is on the path.

Lacazette equalizes

Alexandre Lacazette responds to Le Fée after a loss of ball from Lorient and an excellent serve from Tetê.

Talbi of the head

On a new free kick from Le Fée, Talbi takes over in the area but his diving header lands quietly in the arms of Lopes.

Enzo Le Fée strikes from afar

Enzo Le Fée shoots directly on a distant free kick and forces Lopes to collect the ball just before the rebound.

Thiago Mendes takes a yellow

Terem Moffi pushes his ball but Thiago Mendes voluntarily hinders him and receives a yellow card for this gesture.

Diarra tries out

Stéphane Diarra returns inside and rolls up but his ball escapes the frame of Anthony Lopes.

Good release from Mvogo

On a ball given in depth by Lacazette, Mvogo is ahead of Toko-Ekambi.

OL is pushing

The Lyonnais are on the attack to try to answer the goal of Le Fée but for the moment they do not create any danger on the cages of Mvogo.

The wall against

Lacazette’s attempt is countered by the wall and in this case Julien Laporte who seems a little stunned.

Dangerous free kick for OL

Tagliafico gets a dangerous free kick for OL. Faivre or Lacazette covets the ball.

Lots of speed in Lorient’s game

On recovering the ball, the Lorient people project very quickly forward and try to alert Terem Moffi as quickly as possible.

What an opportunity for Moffi

After an excellent ball in the surface of Ouattara, Terem Moffi throws himself to regain the ball but he does not succeed. What an opportunity for Lorient.

The center too removed from Toko-Ekambi

Karl Toko-Ekambi tries to overflow on his side and ends up crossing but his attempt ends in goal exit.

Another fault of the Lyonnais

This time, it is Tagliafico who is at fault after a new percussion from Stéphane Diarra.

The Fairy opens the scoring

Enzo Le Fée’s free kick is superb and deceives Anthony Lopes who remained nailed to his support. Lorient opens the scoring.

Ouattara gets a dangerous free kick

Thiago Mendes fouls near the penalty area and gives Les Merlus a good free kick.

Lorient tries against

Terem Moffi wanted to overtake Lukeba after a Lorient recovery but the Lyon defender is solid.

OL move into the Lorient half of the field

The Lyonnais are very high and try to settle in the opposing half of the field.

The first strike of the game

After a recovery from Ouattara, it was Stéphane Diarra who triggered the first strike of this match but it ended in the arms of Lopes.

Here we go

Bastien Dechepy kicks off this late match of the second day of Ligue 1 between Lorient and OL.

Start of the meeting in less than fifteen minutes

The late match of the second day of Ligue 1 between Lorient and OL will start in less than fifteen minutes.

Moussa Dembélé in the history of the club?

Tonight, Moussa Dembélé has the opportunity to become the first OL player to score a goal in six consecutive trips.

Lorient is in good shape

It has been one of the revelation teams since the start of this new Ligue 1 season. Régis Le Bris’ Les Merlus have 10 points after five games, their third highest total in their history in the top flight.

The composition of OL

Here is the composition set up by Peter Bosz with the return of Lepenant to midfield: Lopes – Gusto, Mendes, Lukeba, Tagliafico – Faivre, Lepenant, Caqueret – Tetê, Lacazette (c), Toko Ekambi.

The composition of Lorient

Here is the composition of Lorient with Terem Moffi in attack: Mvogo – Kalulu, Laporte, Talbi, Le Goff – Diarra, Abergel (c), Le Fée, Innocent – Moffi, Ouattara.

Goodnight all

Good evening everyone and welcome to the RMC Sport website to follow the late match of the second day of Ligue 1 between Lorient and OL live. As a reminder, the meeting had been rescheduled because of the state of the lawn at the Yves-Allainmat stadium.

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