the first opinions on the psycho-controversial thriller have fallen

the first opinions on the psycho-controversial thriller have fallen

The first opinions fell for the second film ofOlivia Wilde : Don’t Worry Darling. Will she transform the essay with this psychological thriller?

For his second film after Booksmart, Olivia Wilde saw things big. His Don’t Worry Darling seemed ambitious from the unveiling of its synopsis and then its first trailer, which was particularly promising. The plot itself, at first glance, resembled that of the Bryan Forbes classic The Women of Stepford that we would have placed in a sumptuous setting of the 50s lost in the heart of the Californian desert. We follow a community in which a housewife challenges everyone.

One thing is certain is that whatever the reason, Olivia Wilde’s film is expected. We could lick our lips at the idea of ​​seeing the confirmed Chris Pine and Olivia Wilde collaborate with Florence Pugh and Harry Styles in a psychological thriller. On the other hand, we were also curious to see if the film would hold up despite all the controversy who punctuated his promotion. An embryo of response is taking shape, while the first returns point the tip of their nose, following the screening of the film at the Venice Film Festival. Newspaper.

Don't Worry, Darling : Photo Florence PughFlorence waiting for the first returns

“Pugh is superb, Wilde on his side confidently tackles a big subject with a larger budget to deliver a beautiful and elegant film. It doesn’t quite hold up, but how far it’s come to a point is fascinating.” Helen O’Hara – Empire

“Don’t Worry Darling would like to be a transhumanist Truman Show, but at the end of the day, it’s more of a decent episode of Black Mirror. In fact, Don’t Worry Darling recycles a whole lot of ideas and imagery from other films, to add a new socio-political angle. But that’s not enough to overshadow its rather simplistic story and disappointing reveal, which ultimately doesn’t sit well with the development of the plot. » Hoai-Tran Bui – Slashfilm

“The film, no matter how much it hoards concepts about love, gender constructs, and modern life, never really transcends its pastiche Stepford vibe. Vile and magnificent, Darling finally sinks into the absurd. » Leah Greenblatt – Entertainment Weekly

Don't Worry Darling: photo, Florence Pugh, Harry Stylesbefore the revelation

“Ideas pretentiously stolen from others without understanding how and why they worked in the first place. The film spoils its own ending simply by revealing it, and in doing so it shows that significant script work needed to be done to fill in the plot holes and issues of a fantastically stupid reveal. » Peter Bradshaw – The Guardian

“Tall this holds up, both thanks to pughas well as sharp criticism of some fashions from the darkest and darkest corners.uintant of testosterone from the web. With a lipstick-smeared smile, Don’t Worry Darling leads them into the blazing light of the desert. » Robbie Collin – The Telegraph

“Stylishly crafted, and guided by Florence Pugh’s fearsome performance as a model housewife who learns a terrible truth, this dapper thriller suffers from unfavorable comparisons with a host of older films, picking up their unsettling undertones without adding much new to this mix. » Tim Grierson – Screen Daily

Don't Worry Darling: photo, Chris Pine, Olivia WildeChris Pine in chic gurou

“Wilde and Silberman seem to be banking on the brute force of the third-act reveal to offset Don’t Worry Darling’s obviously predictable plot, but this risky maneuver undermines the film’s real merits. Pugh’s exceptional performance and the extraordinary craftsmanship behind the camera ensure an impeccable rendering, but cannot make forget the rotten concept of the film. » Kate Erbland – IndieWire

The anti-spectacular psychological thriller, driven by a strong concept, mark a ambition renewed theme since teen movie and its rites of passage treated by Wilde in Booksmartand it is with confidence that she seizes the technical aspects of the project. But what a pity that so much energy is deployed in a scenario totally devoid of the freshness of his previous film. » David Rooney – The Hollywood Reporter

It is in terms of radicality and ambition that the film does well, recalling as Booksmartwhich marked the beginnings of a singular and intriguing voice, that Wilde will not be the director of a single film, at least visually and technically. Whose worry darling may be a misstepbut Wilde seems to have a sense of cinema that deserves let’s pay attention to it. » Rodrigo Perez – The Playlist

Don't Worry Darling : Photo Florence Pugh“Stop the massacre!”

We can see that according to the first returns, Olivia Wilde delivered a film with a sumptuous packaging. However, it is not all rosy, far from it. The feature film is criticized for to fail under the weight of his great inspirations, drawing here and there the good ideas of its predecessors without bringing a fresh look to what it calls. Worse still, it seems that the scenario is left wobbly, predictable and disappointing for preparation-payment decently not up to scratch.

The work was expected as the potential sign of the emergence of a future great director. Everything indicates that it is not in Venice in the year of grace 2022 that Olivia Wilde will achieve total consecration. But let’s keep hope if you want and wait to find out from September 21 in our theaters.


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