the first opinions on the Marvel series have fallen (and it’s surprising)

the first opinions on the Marvel series have fallen (and it's surprising)

The first opinions on the new series Marvel, She-Hulk: Lawyer, have fallen. And against all odds, the series seems to have largely convinced.

If the series Star Wars gradually invade Disney+, the platform is teeming with Marvel series, some more anecdotal than others. No one will agree, but classy Widescreen Wanda Vision and Loki on the side of the (very) good surprises, and Falcon and the Winter Soldier and What If? on the side of bad memories.

While the very anecdotal My name is Groot just arrived, another green thing is about to be talked about. In she hulk, Tatiana Maslanyremarkable in the series Orphan Blackinterpreter Jennifer Walters: a working-girl and cousin of a certain Bruce Banner, also known as the Hulk. If the first trailer (ugly) of she hulk did not bode well, the lucky ones who were able to discover the first episodes of the Marvel series apparently fell in love with the green giant. Tweet review.

twitter loves SHE-HULK

“The first episodes of She-Hulk are exactly what I wanted them to be, if not more. I really like this comedy format. Unsurprisingly, Tatiana Maslany is brilliant as Jen. Her way of breaking the fourth wall , the comedic timing, the way she juggles the very nerdy side and the She-Hulk side. That’s a yes for me.” Nora Dominick – BuzzFeed

“I’ve watched the first 4 episodes of She-Hulk and like Miss Marvel, the series improves both the quality and style of the MCU on Disney+. She-Hulk is the funniest Marvel content so far, and offers a refreshing take on the franchise and the formula, thanks to its meta style.” Rob Keyes – Screen Rant

She-Hulk: photo, Tatiana MaslanyThe new MCU comic

“I saw the first 4 episodes of She-Hulk and thought it was delicious! It’s a hilarious legal comedy full of MCU references. Tatiana Maslany is brilliant as Jen! She’s very funny and most CGIs look good. I can’t wait to see what’s next!” Cooper Hood – Screen Rant

“This is my third time watching the first four episodes of She-Hulk, and they’re exactly what I wanted them to be, and more. The series is joyful, decidedly bizarre, and furiously entertaining. She-Hulk raises the bar and sets the bar very high.” Jenna Anderson – Comic Book

She-Hulk: Lawyer: photo, Tatiana MaslanyThe series that goes up the level?

“I’ve seen the first four episodes of She-Hulk and I’m thrilled to report they are…amazing! Tatiana Maslany is AMAZING as Jen Walters, but my favorite part was is how She-Hulk is completely grounded in the MCU, while delivering something completely new. Can’t wait to see the sequel!” Molly Freeman – Screen Rant

She-Hulk: Lawyer: photo, Mark Ruffalo“Hello Kevin Feige, I think my cousin did better than me”

“My spoiler-free reaction to She Hulk after watching the first four episodes: The show passes the bar when it’s content to be a legal comedy, but struggles beyond that. Despite Tatiana Maslany’s amusing performance, Jen’s character is not developed enough in this first part.” Breeze Riley – The Marvel Report

She-Hulk: PictureEven She-Hulk Didn’t Expect This

be careful because: twitter loves she-hulk

The critical embargo not being lifted yet, these first returns are as usual rather very enthusiastic. Despite everything, these first opinions are an opportunity to confirm, or not, certain impressions. We note that the majority of journalists who have taken part in the game of Twitter constantly come back to two points: humor, and the performance of Tatiana Maslany.

While most Marvel movies and series try to be funny, that ambition often falls through (we’re talking about you, Thor: Love and Thunder). But according to these first reactions, she hulk would have managed to find a good comedic rhythm as a descendant ofAlly McBeal.

She-Hulk: Lawyer: photo, Tatiana MaslanyDisney who makes you sign the embargo

For her first appearance in the MCU, Tatiana Maslany could therefore have succeeded in her bet within this series which, against all odds, would not be the announced/feared/expected catastrophe.

However, as always, caution is advised. See you on August 18, 2022 to discover the first episode of she hulk aka the series that could have “raised the bar” (we’re waiting to see).


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