The details of the sport relaunch of Europe 1

The details of the sport relaunch of Europe 1

After having considered sport little in recent years, Europe 1 will devote a daily program to it from this Monday, Europe 1 Sport, scheduled seven days a week, from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. It will become, through its programming, a possible competitor to RMC, the undisputed leader of sport on the radio in recent years. “Naturally, we think we’re going to go on their ground… But we’re going to do it differently, announced Jean-François Pérès, the sports director of Europe 1, in L’Equipe last May. We, our plus, is that we are ready to give 20 to 30 minutes for major interviews when it deserves it. And the debates, I insist on doing them with respect for each other. That’s the red line, it must not be the rat race. Each his own. »

To animate its sports evenings, Europe 1 has chosen to bet on Lionel Rosso, already presenter ofEurope 1 Sport weekends in recent years. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, he will give way to Virginie Phulpin, heard in recent seasons in the morning of the station with her sports editorial. They will be accompanied depending on the evenings by journalists Cyrille de la Morinerie, Jacques Vendroux, Céline Géraud, Jean-François Pérès, Dominique Grimault and consultants Guy Roux, Marc Libbra, Jimmy Algerino and Alain Giresse.

Michel Platini as a columnist?

For its Monday evening, which will debrief the news of the weekend, Europe 1 still dreams of convincing Michel Platini to become its great voice, even if nothing is signed today. “Now it’s up to Michel to decide, slips today Jean-François Pérès. In the meantime, we have convinced rugby’s Platini, Serge Blanco, to join us as a consultant. I can also announce that Alain Roche and Aline Riera will intervene approximately once a week as football consultants. »

Like its competitors, Europe 1 Sport will naturally bet on a dominant football, between direct the evenings of big matches and debates. But the show has planned to reserve some time for a few multi-sport themes: rugby on Tuesday, tennis on Wednesday and motor sports on Thursday.

Julien Fébreau and David Berger first partners from Canal+

A busy schedule for a sports department that currently has three contract journalists and two regular freelancers. “We also have two reinforcements for the production of the show”, adds the sports director. Europe 1 therefore announces that it is relying on the synergy with the Canal+ group (Vivendi is the leading shareholder of Lagardère, owner of Europe 1) to ensure expertise in all disciplines. “I prefer to talk about partnership, says Jean-François Pérès. We are going to invite journalists and consultants from Canal+ throughout the year. For example, this Monday evening, Julien Fébreau will come to debrief the Spa Grand Prix and David Berger will join us to talk football. »

Every Thursday, the sequence “Sports Decision Makers” will give the floor to the leaders, with the Minister of Sports Amélie Oudéa-Castéra as the first guest. Finally, in addition to his activity as a columnist, Jacques Vendroux will offer a series of vintage interviews with former top athletes, “We loved each other so much”whose first salvo of seven interviews will be broadcast during the next international break. “I also want these great champions to tell us about their lives today, adds the journalist. I want to go see Marie-José Pérec, Guy Drut, Jean-François Lamour, Marcel Cerdan Junior…”

With this structure and its band, Europe 1 Sport now hopes to seduce listeners. And the management of the radio has assured him, they will give him time to settle down.


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