The brothers, the mother, the lawyer… all the characters in the Pogba affair

The brothers, the mother, the lawyer... all the characters in the Pogba affair

French football is going through a complicated period with the outbreak of a sordid news item around Paul Pogba. RMC Sport makes presentations with several members of the entourage of the French community whose names have appeared from near or far in this affair.

Paul Pogba, the star of the France team

Over the years, Paul Pogba has become part of the group of Didier Deschamps in the France team. The 2018 world champion, transferred since July 11 to Juventus, is going through a very difficult period. Since March, Paul Pogba has been on a roller coaster: between a robbery at his home in Manchester on March 15, injuries at the end of the season and his new knee problem at the end of July. Some relatives of the family say that Paul had been at odds with his brothers for several months.

In addition to the period of March, what we know today after the statements of the player before the investigators is that on July 14, three people will visit Pogba at the training center of the Juventus. A security guard will warn the player. The midfielder will say he doesn’t want to see his people. Two days later, Paul Pogba decides to file a complaint. With this pleading, the case takes a legal turn before becoming media with the first words of his brother last Saturday.

Mathias Pogba, Paul’s older brother

It is with his video published on Saturday evening, and translated into four languages, that the Pogba affair will burst in public. Mathias Pogba, 32, Paul’s older brother and Florentin’s twin, is an important man in the “Pogba clan”. Even if his football career never really took off, unlike his twin brother Florentin, the man will turn to business and the media. He does not hesitate to speak in the newspapers to give instructions on the future clubs of his little brother.

He will make television appearances in Spain and France. Mathias Pogba is also associated with several brands. The former Tours player will also set up his “Golden Score” association, in order to help athletes in their retraining. In four days, with his videos, the man will bring the case to light. For the moment, he has not been heard by the investigators.

Yeo Moriba, the clan leader

She is the leader of the “Pogba clan”. Yeo Moriba, the mother of the siblings, is “the gang leader, the one who drives everything, the one who says yes, the one who says no”, according to the president of Tours, Jean-Marc Ettori, in Le Figaro. She was heard as a witness in this case. According to Le Parisien, she would have provided testimony in favor of Paul Pogba.

In 2019, the mother of the Juventus midfielder, a former footballer for the Guinean women’s national team, was even named an ambassador for women’s football by the Guinean Football Federation (Feguifoot).

Maria Zulay, Paul’s wife

Some relatives of the Pogba family admit that she “wanted to clean up” in the environment of the world champion. This model of Bolivian origin has been in a relationship with Paul Pogba since 2017. The first time that the general public discovered his face was in 2018 during the World Cup in Russia.

“She has a very big influence on Paul Pogba,” says a relative. Maria and Paul have two sons, Labile Shakur and Keyaan Zaahid. She is very active on social media. Since the beginning of the affair, she has remained silent.

Rafaela Pimenta, Paul’s lawyer

He is the new very influential person in the entourage of Paul Pogba. Since the death, at the end of April, of Mino Raiola, the historic agent of Paul Pogba, it is she who has taken over the queens of business. She was already present in the past in the entourage of the world champion but Mino Raiola had retained the governance of the business.

Mentioned in Mathias Pogba’s video as “the most influential woman in football in the world”, Rafaela Pimenta remains unknown to the general public. In the world of football, she represents Erling Haaland, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Marco Verratti. The lawyer was also interviewed by the OCLCO services at the start of the investigation. Paul Pogba considers Rafaela as a second mother. Viewers of “The Pogmentary” series on Amazon Prime will have noticed the closeness to the player.

Mohamed Sanhadji, head of security for the France team

He has been the strong man of the France group since 2004. He is unknown to the general public but represents an essential position in the French team. Police officer, Mohamed Sanhadji is made available to the FFF as a security and security liaison officer.

He was interviewed during the month of August by the investigators as a witness. According to Le Parisien, the man had been aware for several weeks of this case about Paul Pogba, so he advised him to speak to the police.

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