The biggest karaoke in France

The biggest karaoke in France
Direct M6 screen capture / The biggest karaoke in France

Direct M6 screen capture / The biggest karaoke in France

The program Le plus grand karaoké de France was an opportunity for M6 viewers to find this Wednesday, June 29, 2022 known faces of French song, from the 80s to today. But the presence of an almost unknown person who came to “replace” Jenifer made the twittos talk a lot. Who is Marie-Flore?

This Wednesday, June 29, 2022, M6 innovated by offering its viewers The biggest karaoke in Franceanimated by Eric Anthony and Elodie Gossuin. A program, filmed in the arenas of Orange, whose concept was multiple: artists like AmirClaudio Capéo, Julie Pietri, Lio, Anne Sila or Les Frangines followed one another on stage to sing their most famous hits or cover the great standards of French song. Viewers could sing along with them simultaneously thanks to the lyrics playing on the screen. But the originality lay elsewhere: while the artists performed on stage, the show was also in the audience of the arenas. Indeed, 1000 anonymous people present in the stands were equipped with headphones and a microphone, allowing them to sing and hear each other, as well as a telephone to follow the lyrics.

Throughout the evening, their performances were listened to backstage by professionals, singers, musicians or singing teachers who had the mission of spotting talent. The five candidates selected for the semi-final would be offered the chance to share the stage with a singing star. And the big winner, the opportunity to perform alone in front of the 6000 people present in the arena. In order to decide between them, several “rounds” were organised. The first, “the hunt for false notes”, consisting of five songs, eliminated half of the participants.

After performing “These evenings” by Yannick, “Are you coming for the holidays?” of David and Jonathan or even “All the women of your life” of L5, 500 anonymous people saw their bracelets turn green, a sign of their qualification for the future. The second round, baptized “the technical control” was composed of songs with a technical difficulty: text in English, rapped part, note to hold… At the end of this round one hundred candidates were fished out by the jury behind the scenes.

Over the next rounds, five candidates reached the semi-final of the biggest karaoke in France, including a young woman named Aurèle, favorite of Claudio Capeo. The other four have distinguished themselves in particular thanks to their performances on Jenifer’s Au Soleil. A title that was not proposed by its original interpreter, but by a certain Marie-Flore. A young dark-haired woman all dressed in black who took over the tube, to the greatest astonishment of the tweeters.

On the blue bird social network, many seemed to discover this soft-spoken artist. And in order to find out if they were the only ones who didn’t know her, they didn’t hesitate to question themselves openly about her identity: who is she? Where is she from ? In particular, have we been able to read.

Some even went to do some research on the internet, where they had confirmation that the young woman was not yet very famous. Although his Instagram is actually followed by less than 12,000 subscribers, the self-taught artist who writes his own texts, has just released his album I don’t know if it’s okayFriday, June 10.

The show, perceived as joyful and festive, received a very warm welcome on the social network. But some have deplored the fact that the original performers of certain songs are not present: thus, Jenifer has therefore been replaced by Marie-Flore and Patrick Bruel by Claudio Capéo on his title “Place des grands hommes”. A recovery which has also experienced some confusion noticed by the most attentive twittos…

On the competition side, it was finally Aurèle, Claudio Capéo’s favorite, who was voted the public’s best singer at the end of the show.

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