the 3D tigers of “Fort Boyard” decried by Internet users

«Horribles», «affreux», «laids», «immondes»: les tigres en 3D de «Fort Boyard» décriés par les internautes

The first images of the new felines, which required four months of work, probably did not convince the public.

The tigers of “Fort Boyard” have not finished talking about them. While for several years, animal defense associations have been demanding the withdrawal of felines from the France 2 game, Adventure Line Production, which says “attentive to the well-being of tigers”finally gave in and announced their retirement at the end of February. “ALP and France Télévisions will devote until the end of their life, a sum allowing them to continue to receive all the necessary care and to have an end of life with respect for the animal dignity which is dear to us.”

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But there is no question of completely removing them from the show. “The spirit of the tiger will always be with us. It is and will remain the symbol of the show., had assured us in mid-May Guillaume Ramain, the artistic producer. To do this, four statues of tigers have been made and installed in the treasure room in which the personalities will always collect the famous pieces for the benefit of an association. True guardian of Father Fouras’ treasure, Félindra will always be present in the game and will continue to turn the emblematic golden tiger’s head to validate the candidate’s code word.

However, this will not be the only depiction of tigers. While the filming of the new episodes was in full swing, the production was still thinking of a way to integrate the felines into the new “Fort Boyard” episodes. “We are working on different solutions, we are doing several tests, we have not yet decided what exactly we will do on the show”, underlined Guillaume Ramain. To the question if it could be in computer generated image, the artistic producer had then answered us: “It’s one of the possibilities among others like reworked archive images but nothing is decided yet”.

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According to the trailer unveiled by The HuffPost this last idea was abandoned in favor of synthetic images. “At first we thought of putting archival images of tigers but we thought it would be weird for the public, since they knew that the animals were no longer there”explained the artistic producer to our colleagues. “We decided to animate them to bring them to life like the gargoyles in The Hunchback of Notre Dame or creatures in Fantastic Beasts, he compared before adding that “the tigers will interact with the candidates during the show, sometimes it will be funny or disturbing. For example, they will lick their lips when the candidates run past them.. A job that took four months at Seed Factory, a company specializing in 3D effects.

Except that since the publication of the video, Internet users do not seem convinced by the final result. “Ah fuck, they are awful, they look like a cutscene from PS1, or worse, FX from a Neil Breen movie”, “I don’t mind that there are absolute horrors when it comes to animal abuse, but all the same, considering that the tigers of “Fort Boyard” suffered the same type of abuse, here is the result, we absolutely fuck 3D models awful”, “Isn’t there an artistic director who supervised this?! Because there, it stings a lot I think!!, “It takes that long to create something that ugly?”, “The tigers would have asked to return to avoid humiliation at “Fort Boyard””, “The 3D model of the tigers of “Fort Boyard” is so ugly it looks like I made it”, “PTDR!! What is this horror? For the slanderers who come (again) to shout against people who are offended by this 3D: we all agree that the tigers had nothing to give a damn at “Fort Boyard“, it’s good that they left . But there, 3D is so filthy!”can we read in particular on Twitter.

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