The 20 funniest tweets about delivery people, we’re counting on you

The 20 funniest tweets about delivery people, we're counting on you

Of the delivery men Amazon who deliver faster than their shadow to those of Uber Eats who disembark with your cold meal on a “bike”, the delivery men are as important in our daily lives as they are decried. Sometimes pleasant and extremely efficient, other times lazy and rude, it is difficult to draw a composite portrait of the real delivery man. Fortunately, to help us, we can count on the internet users who share their stories about Twitter. We have therefore selected the 20 tweets most funny on the delivery men.


Ptdr I send a message to my delivery man because they are all struggling to find my apartment look he answers what is an avenger or what?

July 14, 2020


But my mother she told the delivery man to take the trash

February 23, 2021


The fedex delivery man told me “it’s still meiii” on the intercom. Soon he will tell me “GUESS WHO IT IS” and I will invite him to have breakfast

September 26, 2019


Thank you to the delivery man who took care to hide my package from prying eyes <3

February 14, 2019


The UberEats app: “Your delivery person rides a bike”

The delivery man when he arrives:

February 12, 2021


73% of players on PS5 servers are chronopost deliverers

(source: INSEE)

November 19, 2020


When I receive a package I have a feeling of euphoria it kills me big it’s you who ordered, who paid and who put the delivery address I smiled at the delivery man in mode he’s the one who gave it to me offered

December 9, 2020


The “kisses” at the end of each call I have to stop. Wsh I just said kisses to the delivery guy???

May 13, 2021


I’ve been waiting for a package for 2 hours, I’m posted as a lookout and the delivery man calls me at such a pace to deliver me but to tell me “we weren’t there, the package is in relay” ptdrrrrr I’ve never seen that’s my life he should have told me straight to go fuck myself

January 17, 2020


Ptdrrrrr in the 1million there are 800,000 Uber Eats deliverers, you bastard and you know it better than anyone

January 17, 2022


The delivery men they call you you miss the call you call them back 1 min later they are already on the highway these mythomaniacs

September 6, 2022



October 1, 2020


Uber deliverers between two races:

February 29, 2020


I just said “bon appetit” to the deliveroo delivery man

December 24, 2020


Ptdr I’m going to squeeze there is an ubereats delivery man he calls me he understands NOTHING I say to him “are you downstairs? » he rep me « no I am the delivery man »

January 25, 2022


The delivery man who leaves me a transit advice note in my mailbox with the motif “coded door” written in it while the coded door in question he crossed it to put the transit advice note in the ptdr box, he has nothing to do with it fuck off

February 2, 2022


Amazon couriers when you choose “delivery today”

November 20, 2020


Ready to welcome the delivery person

November 23, 2020


the ubereats deliverers they like to put a bike and come in a bmw 235i m6 turbo

February 21, 2021


I have just had a Chronopost package delivered to me, the delivery man rang twice then called me to tell me he was there.
It’s amazing what I just went through.

February 14, 2020

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