Taxes rising sharply for 2023? All the answers.


The presentation of finance bill (PLF) 2023 will take place on Monday, September 26, 2022. Many measures will be discussed. The objective is to define and allocate the resources and state charges. Hence the use of taxes.

This finance bill will also have the objective to increase the standard of living of French households. The PLF will also address the revaluation of the scale of tax brackets. A scale that could be increased to 5%.

Why an upgrade?

Inflation should be around 6% in 2022, the new tax schedule will be defined accordingly. This revaluation will prevent some households who, until now, did not pay the tax, pay it.

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She will also prevent certain taxpayers no longer pay tax. This by not doing them pass in the upper slice. To note that upgrading also has for purpose of enabling certain households to retain their tax and social benefits.

We can then ask ourselves if, with this upgradeemployees do not go pay more taxes. The answer is no, because the draft finance law aims to maintain the purchasing power of employees.

Indeed, thanks to the revaluation of the scaleemployees who have not been increased in 2022, pay less tax. Indeed, they will automatically pass in the lower slice.

In contrast, employees who received a raise will pay more taxes. However, this increase will be limited. This augmentation however, will be limited. In fact, entering the top slice will be slower.

He is out of the question than the employees, than the French pay more income tax or fall within the income tax scale income due to inflation. I want to end this worry, said the Minister of EconomyBruno Le Maire.

It remains to be seen how things will change. Anyway, it is interesting to see the evolution the scale of tax brackets.

Taxes: the new scales

The adoption of finance bill go train a new scale of tax brackets :

  • 0% up to €10,634
  • 11% from 10,634 to 27,113 euros
  • 30% from 27,113 to 75,527 euros
  • 41% from 75,527 to 166,749 euros
  • 45% over 166,749 euros

For information, the PLF will be presented on Monday, September 26 at Council of Ministers. It is after this presentation that the text on the 2023 budget will be studied. The parliament will then have 70 days to decide.


the new tax scale will apply from 2023 and will be indexed to 2022 earnings. Thus, the payment of taxes will be made in September 2023, after verification of tax declarations. These tax returns will be filed in May 2023.

The initiatives taken by the State to help employees

The salary increases will not be enough to revive the purchasing power of the French. This is due to the inflation that has been raging in France for many months. According Banque de France forecaststhis inflation will soon exceed the increase in wages.

What will make the situation even more complex. Faced with this, the parliamentarians decided to act. To help employees, they took some initiatives. In particular, they plan to lower taxes and to improve certain modes of transport.


The Macron bonus will also be reviewed. For information, the Macron bonus was created in 2018 following the movements of the Yellow Vests. In implementing it, the state aimed to increase the standard of living Household.

Indeed, it was to allow employees to benefit from a tax-exempt bonus, dues and taxes. This bonus was capped at 1,000 euros. It must be remembered that the Macron bonus has been reviewed several times these last years.

In 2020, the State raised the ceiling to 2,000 euros. Two years later, that is This yearthe ceiling will be between 3,000 and 6,000 euros. It should be noted that despite these increasesthe premium remains exempt from tax, CRDS and CSG.

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