Supermarket: this tip from a mum to save €500 in shopping per month!


In fact, it has been several months since inflation completely upset French spending. the shopping budget exploded. But even if supermarkets try their best to help customers with cut prices it can be difficult to make ends meet. However, this mother named Kenza manages to make savings of almost 500 euro each month. She shares her tips with us. We’ll explaine everything here.

Savings at supermarkets

This mother from Sarthe manages to make big savings every month. And this despite exploding prices in supermarkets. It must be said that according to INSEE, inflation exceeded 6% for the month of July over one year. But that does not prevent you from always finding good deals. This is precisely how Kenza acts. She then created a Facebook page called “economy is life. Optimization and Good Plans”.

It is therefore on this page that the mother and music teacher shares her tips for saving money in supermarkets. She thus declares to our colleagues from Planet that “Before, I did not pay any attention to what I bought at the supermarket. And then, when I got pregnant with my second child, during confinement, I came across a show about optimization. I wanted to try: because, in addition, I had time”.

big expenses

It must be said that Kenza’s family is large. Indeed, she is the proud mother of 4 children, so expenses go quickly. And with inflation and the increase in the prices of each product, she could no longer sit idly by. She then states that “A lot of the expenses were for nappies, potties, anything to do with my two toddlers.” But today after weeks optimization, she finally managed to save money in the supermarkets.

She then declares that during her visit to a supermarket “I now pay 150 euros for food and non-food shopping per month. Sometimes I even manage to save around 500 euros per monthclose to 90%. Of course, it depends on the months; sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less, but in the end, it ends up balancing out”. She also adds that “Optimization is the idea of ​​combining in-store promotions, discount coupons, immediate discounts or cashback, and reimbursement applications, to approach free, or less, make a profit on the receipt.”.

The explanations

Indeed, Kenza has made a brilliant discovery to fight against the crisis and therefore pay less in supermarkets. This is an anti-crisis site. ” They do the job in our place, we can therefore see all the accumulations and all that we can optimize, and choose to go to the most advantageous supermarket according to”.

Thus it allows a total optimization. “Because supermarkets are compartmentalized on food, they are catching up on non-food, and there are already huge offers in store. With the combination of discount coupons and refund applications, it’s very effective”. On the other hand, she specifies that it is very often buying big that pays off, this means “Lend money”.

Some tips for paying less in supermarkets

Kenza also offers some tips for paying less in supermarkets. First of all, you have to take your time, it can take “3 hours at the start”. We must also forget about brands and stores. Because in general it is often the brand that we pay for and not the product. Must also take it easy, starting by optimizing just a few products and not all of a sudden. But also he we must also forget the received ideas. It’s not just for a few cents that you do this but for great savings.

Also, Kenza offers to pay less in supermarkets to optimize with applications anti waste as ToGoodToGo. In addition, she advocates for help. There are many people on facebook groups who would be delighted to share their tips with you.

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