Stretch marks, cellulite… Nabilla puts things right after the birth of her second child

Stretch marks, cellulite… Nabilla puts things right after the birth of her second child

Sunday June 5, 2022, Nabilla gave birth to her second child, Leyann. Three weeks after the baby boy was born, the influencer opened up about her stretch marks and cellulite.

The pretty brunette is on cloud nine… Two and a half years after the birth of little Milann, Nabilla and Thomas Vergara became the happy parents of a second boy, Leyann. Mum satisfied, the influencer does not put pressure on herself to find her old silhouette. Wednesday June 29, 2022, it was in the caption of a snapshot shared in story that she wrote: “Proud of this little body that made two beautiful boys!“In the caption of a second shot, where she strikes a pose in her underwear, Nabilla confided: “Little by little I am finding my figure! I’m not in such a rush unlike my first pregnancy, I’m taking my time, I feel good and maybe I won’t have my old body completely like before, but I don’t care!

In complete transparency, Thomas Vergara’s wife assured: “I love my little stretch marks, I love my cellulite and I’m proud to have given life to two beautiful boys who fill me with happiness! Moms, you are magnificent, incredibly beautiful, be proud!“In the comments section, many fans reacted.”Positive messages like this, we like“; “You’re still beautiful” ; or : “Very nice positive message!“Sunday June 12, 2022, on Snapchat, Nabilla had confided that she had already lost 10 kilos. She had slipped: “I’m going to step on the scale because a lot of people tell me that it doesn’t look like I gained weight, but I still gained. There, I have ten kilos left to lose. Normally, I am 56 kilos and there, I am 66, even 67 kilos.

Nabilla: “It’s not my priority for the moment”

In his story, the young lady revealed to feel a little heavy and to have pain in the joints. After indicating that she had swollen feet and legs, Nabilla revealed: “Same for the belly, but I have a sheath so it flattens, the skin is not reattached, it’s not madness, but it will take the time it takes, it’s not my priority for the instant.Finally, she added:It may be a little more difficult and slower to recover because the scar hurts, but I have medication so the pain is bearable. There, I’m going to be super cool with myself, I let myself live, I don’t deprive myself of anything, I eat, I’m happy, it will heal itself, the same stomach.

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