Strasbourg, the reasons for the galley / Ligue 1 / J7 / Strasbourg-Clermont (0-0) /

Strasbourg, the reasons for the galley / Ligue 1 / J7 / Strasbourg-Clermont (0-0) /

Still without success in the league since the start of the season following its new draw against Clermont, Strasbourg is disappointing compared to what it showed during the 2021-2022 financial year. But after this prosperous period, the difficulties were rightly and logically expected.

The statistic, unprecedented since the arrival of Julien Stéphan in 2021, will not surprise anyone in view of the start of the season observed: at home, Strasbourg has not won any of its last four games (one defeat). Against Clermont at La Meinau this Sunday, on the occasion of the seventh day of Ligue 1, the Alsatians have indeed again conceded a draw despite obvious domination and opportunities that should have ended at the bottom (two crossbars hit, in particular). Result: the RCSA has still not won a single league game, and remains stuck in the relegation zone in seventeenth position with five small points on the clock. But how to explain this difficult period when the club embodied one of the hype French during the 2021-2022 financial year finished in sixth place and three units from the podium thanks to an exciting game, all while the workforce has not changed much?

“Last year, we were perhaps overreacting…”

In reality, the reasons for this galley are diverse and varied. But the performances at half mast, compared to the previous season, are not so unexpected either. Because taking a step back, it was rather the successes of last year that represented the anomaly. “If I take Lyon, Paris, Monaco, Lille, Marseille, Rennes, Nice, I add Lens… that’s already eight teams of a caliber other than Racing Club de Strasbourg. We don’t play in the same court. Last year, we might have been overreacting at times, everything was working for uscleverly indicated Dimitri Liénard at the very end of July, during a friendly against Liverpool. What we did last year was magical, extraordinary. But this is a whole different season. I wish us to redo something beautiful, but I think that we will fight with ten teams to maintain ourselves as quickly as possible. With the four descents and the cut linked to the World Cup, you have to keep your feet on the ground, not to think yourself too beautiful or become gentrified. We have confidence in our strengths, but from one season to another, nothing is the same. »
A speech shared by his trainer, Stéphan, who wanted to warn everyone before the start of the festivities: “Last season is last season, and a new season is about to start. We must not forget that we are the fifteenth budget of Ligue 1, that there will be four descents and that it is a dangerous season for many clubs including ours. It is a dangerous championship and we are part, like ten-twelve clubs, of the teams which will be concerned by this fight. We should never forget it, at least in the first instance. If we ever manage to extricate ourselves from it, we will try to do the best we can. It’s a difficult season, the matches will be tough and committed. »

A multifactorial context

About the two men, we must add some factors justifying this false start in performance. First, the lack of success (especially offensive) of the Strasbourg players since August is quite obvious (especially in comparison to last season, once again): unlucky and imprecise in front, the Alsatians have the penultimate attack of the Hexagon (five goals scored) in front of Ajaccio (three) while they nevertheless obtain many opportunities (only one game with less than nine attempted strikes, in seven days). This drop in efficiency can also be explained by the simultaneous transfers of Anthony Caci (Mainz) and Frédéric Guilbert (Aston Villa), the quality of the center of the two pistons previously representing a sacred asset. Moreover, the desires of certain managers – like Ludovic Ajorque or Alexander Djiku – who ultimately did not sign for another club were able to psychologically play in the heads.

Finally, the RCSA is not very well off from the point of view of absences either: against the Auvergnats, the list of injured was for example as long as the reign of an English monarch (withdrawals from Thomas Delaine, Gerzino Nyamsi, Karol Fila, Eiji Kawashima and Liénard) without forgetting that Sanjin Prcić was suspended. If it was very tasty and appreciated, the 2021-2022 vintage was also tough to swallow. So difficult to digest. “We have automatisms, but there was a lot of mental wear and tear last year until the last dayrecognized Liénard, a few weeks ago. The hardest thing will be to really immerse yourself in reality, and if you start badly, everything can go very quickly. Of course, we want to avoid staying on the last day, but it will not be so easy. » The long-term objective is in any case known, and it is not a question of doing better than before. The short-term one is to seek success, as quickly as possible.

By Florian Cadu, with Quentin Ballue
Interview by QB


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