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Manu un si grand soleil

Discover the detailed summary of Un si grand soleil season 4 in advance episode 973 of Wednesday September 7, 2022 on France 2. Christophe has decided to punish Patrice Angel for what he did indirectly to the kids in the neighborhood. Margot still doubts Christophe. Camille is a little panicked by her departure but at the same time happy with this new challenge with Steve.

The complete recap of the soap opera Un si Grand soleil from 09/07/2022 with all the spoilers and preview photos of the day’s episode 973. #UnSiGrandSoleil

Manu such a big sun

Manu accepted Camille’s relationship with Steve

Find the full summary of Such a big sun episode 973 broadcast on France 2 on Wednesday September 7, 2022 (see the summaries in advance of Un si grand soleil ): the detailed recap of the previous episodes Such a big sun episodes 972 is online.

Patrice Angel arrives at Dr. Lemeur’s vet office with Eva and Franck…because of the pain he lost consciousness.
Christophe is going to operate on the drug trafficker (he plays his classical music in the background). The operation went well, the constants are stable. Eva gives the money to Christophe…but the latter says he wants us to forget about him afterwards.

Camille packs her bags, Laetitia helps her: the departure for Korea is approaching. The suitcase is 32 kgs, it’s too much. Laetitia gives a helping hand, she manages to cross the 22 kgs. Camille cracks, she has a big blow of stress: she is afraid to leave far from everything. Camille is afraid of regretting her departure. Laetitia tells him that she can come back at any time.

Steve comes to say goodbye to his brother Marvin in the visiting room. Steve asks his brother not to fuck around. He says it’s okay if there are men of his who got killed.

Marvin such a big sun

Marvin is still in prison, he is happy for his brother

Steve and Camille are happy to leave together for this new life: they decide to take advantage of the Herault beach before leaving. The classmates have planned a little improvised picnic: Kira is there with a photo album so that they don’t forget them.

Patrice such a big sun

Will Patrice Angel survive?

Thierry and his colleague watch Eva who is back at her store. Elise arrives with Akim at the store to ask him questions about what she did the day before and where she slept. Eva seems to have planned everything.

Camille such a big sun

Camille and Steve in love as on the first day

Christophe operated on Patrice so that he died quickly following the intervention, he whispers in his ear while he is under anesthesia: “in a few days your renal artery will reopen”.

Christophe such a big sun

Christophe is extremely stressed following the trafficker’s operation

Such a big sun in advance episode 973 of September 7, 2022: Camille and Steve inseparable

Camille thanks Manu for trusting her and Steve. Manu is happy for his daughter.

Cécile and Margot such a big sun

Margot is well in Montpellier, her sister is happy that she is staying

Cécile and Christophe such a big sun

Cécile thinks that Christophe is overwhelmed in his work, she is far from suspecting his illegal activities

Margot confides to Cécile that she is staying in Montpellier, the atmosphere is good in the office even if there is a lot of work. When Christophe comes home, he seems exhausted… Cécile says it’s normal since he no longer has a partner. Margot continues to think he is lying.

Our opinion

The +

  • Steve and Camille a beautiful couple …. too bad they are leaving!
  • Marvin Rosas (Michael Erpeldin) appears frequently, I hope he will grow in importance in the series


  • No more Manu papa poule, the change is radical (perhaps a little too much)
  • Cécile Alphand is a judge and not stupid at all… who swallows all of Christophe’s lies (ah love, that makes it stupid!!)

Main Cast

Melanie Maudran, Fred Bianconi, Alban Aumard, Chrystelle Labaude, Maelle Mietton, Moïse Santamaria, Fred Bianconi, Fabrice Deville

Duration of episodes (average)


To be continued on full summary Such a big sun episode 974 from Thursday September 8, 2022 on France 2 with Fred Bianconi who plays the role of Virgil the former co-director of Senso and Tonya Kinzinger who plays Dr. Janet Lewis.

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