Stade Français – ASM: the notebook of Clermontois

Stade Français - ASM : le carnet de notes des Clermontois

Giorgi Beria (4). The young left prop suffered in the scrum and made a few approximations in the running game. A half-hearted first outing. Replaced by Etienne Falgoux (49th) who was more consistent in closed scrum.

Etienne Fourcade (3.5). If he was vigilant in the current game with good defensive interventions, the hooker suffered from too many approximations in his throws in touch. This prevented ASM from setting up their game in the first half. The best Clermont period coincided with the entry of Yohan Beheregaray (49th), author of a try on ball carried (62nd) and a faultless on his throws.

Christian Ojovan (4.5). The Moldovan right prop was in tune with his front row teammates. Even if he was a little more solid when it came to melee. Replaced by Rabah Slimani (49th) who will have done more than his job by putting the Parisian building to death.

Paul Jedrasiak (4). The second line Clermont struggled to advance when he had the ball in hand. Discreet for the rest of the time. Replaced by Miles Amatosero (63rd).

A last wasted cartridge but a logical result for ASM, defeat at Stade Français

Sebastien Vahaamahina (5). He was willing in the fight, but he got undisciplined and especially in the second period when he offered three points to Stade Français, which allowed the Parisians to take a 12-point lead (50th). Replaced by Paul Jedrasiak (73rd).

Arthur Iturria (5.5). No problem in the air for the Clermont captain, once again very clean in the line-up. Defensively, the third wing line did the job.

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Judicaël Cancoriet (5.5). Very aggressive defensively, Judicaël Cancoriet tried to shake the coconut tree in the first half. His return in extremis on Sekou Macalou allowed ASM to avoid a try. His aggressive climb on Morgan Parra (38th) will remain as one of the strong images of the meeting. Replaced by Lucas Dessaigne (66th).

Loic Godener (4.5). If the third center line is penalized from the start (1st), it has gradually increased in intensity. In the first period, the ex-Parisian was one of the few Clermontois to be in the lead by showing himself to be more available. A little less present after the break.

Top 14: Despite a good reaction, ASM returns empty-handed from Paris (read the live again)

Sebastien Bezy (4). The scrum half was not helped in the first period with a pack of forwards failing in conquest. But even when it was better for the Clermontois, Sébastien Bézy struggled to instill real direction in his team by often being hesitant. Replaced by Kevin Viallard (68th) who harvests the last action that could have allowed ASM to go back to the siren.

Anthony Belleau (4.5). He misses a transformation very largely in his strings which would have allowed ASM to take the advantage for the first time (62nd) and especially the psychological ascendancy. Accounting, these 2 more points would have been synonymous with a defensive bonus. For the rest, the fly half seemed to rev up in the animation. His intervention on the test of Samuel Ezeala (56th) testifies to this. But the former Toulonnais will have to do better. Replaced by Jules Plisson (69th) who will not have had the opportunity to stand out.

Sheikh Tiberghien (5). Discreet match for the Clermont winger who could not express his offensive qualities and the gas that we perceive at times. His angry climb on the last dismissal (77th) allowed ASM to recover a last important ball.

Stade Français – ASM: give your notes

Irae Simone (5). Clermont supporters will still have to wait to see the Australian center shine offensively. Irae Simone was discreet on this level, but on the other hand very involved defensively. His angry climb on Barré allowed his people to get away from the Parisian pressure (65th).

Samuel Ezeala (4.5). The former winger is still getting his bearings in the middle. And this can be seen in particular in his defensive positioning. On Naivalu’s try (28th), he leaves the lane completely free for Glover. Replaced by Julien Heriteau (63rd), who made a mistake in the last minutes of the meeting, allowing Joris Segonds to get the Clermontois out of the defensive bonus (76th).

Jono Gibbes, after the defeat of ASM at the Stade Français: “We did not put enough pressure on the opponent”

Alivereti Raka (5). Good in the first period with in particular this decisive intervention on Hamed (25th). He was much less inspired after the break. His adventurous defensive climb (70th) allowed Stade Français to return to the Clermont camp after a complicated period.

Alex Newsome (5). A discreet match for the Australian rear which will have been clean under the high balloons. On the other hand, he leaves his partners at 14 for ten minutes (24th). Period during which Stade Français scored its first try.

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