Spider-Man returns to the top, Top Gun 2 accelerates (again!)

Spider-Man returns to the top, Top Gun 2 accelerates (again!)

Spider-Man: No Way Home – The More Fun Stuff Version brings its fans back to theaters. Top Gun: Maverick and Krypto and the Super Animals are skyrocketing.

This past weekend, American cinemas did not celebrate the novelty. The huge box office success of 2021, Spider-Man: No Way Home returns to put a layer of it at the end of summer with its long version (adding eleven minutes to its old duration), creatively titled Spider-Man: No Way Home – The More Fun Stuff Version. Only billionaire film of the past year (and by far), the last behemoth of Marvel is therefore there to recover the smallest crumbs that he could have left, which is enough for him to return to the first place of the box office.

For nearly 4,000 theaters (making it the best-distributed film currently in the United States), the film reportedly grossed $6 millionan infinitely lower start than its original release. The uninspired Spider-Man: No Way Home had indeed had a domestic launch at no less than 260 million dollars and was starting to make less than 6 million per weekend from its eleventh week of operation. 6 million would be a more than mediocre number for a Marvel’s first week, but since it’s almost a 29th week for this Spidey, it’s a pretty fabulous score.

Spider-Man: No Way Home: Pictures“Yes, it’s me again!”

In second place, we no longer present it. Top Gun: Maverick proves once again that no other blockbuster this year will have had the temper to surpass it and that it will take a lot to equal its feat. In its fifteenth week of operation, the film still finds the strength to be on the podium this week. With an increase of 16.46% on its receipts from the last weekend, Top Gun 2 reportedly grossed nearly $5.5 million this time, with an average of $1,767 per theater (a better average than Spiderman). It is now less than two million away from surpassing the $700 million domestic score of Black Panther and to be the fifth biggest historical success of American cinema.

The biggest rise of the week (and quite unexpected) is that of Krypto and the Super Animals, which returns to the top 5 again and in third place. With a gain of 31.71% on its receipts compared to last weekend, the animated film would have collected $5.4 million and would have an average per cinema also higher than that of Spider-Man: No Way Home. An opportunity for the feature film to perhaps stay longer in dark rooms, to try to reach 100 million in cumulative domestic revenue, which will not be an easy task. But by these times of scarcity for Warnerthe company would need it.

In fourth place is the very disappointing Bullet Train which maintains a certain financial constancy. Despite losing two spots in this week’s rankings, Bullet Train suffers only a 3.71% drop in revenue and would bring in $5.4 million this time domestics which has remained at its normal cruising speed for some time. In the fifth week, the film is still a summer blockbuster that will not have achieved its objectives, despite its attractive cast, and currently only accumulates 85 million in domestic revenue, placing it at the height of a Crypto.

Finally, in fifth place is the novelty of last week, Hell’s Ballwhich starts its inexorable fall. After having got off to a timid start during its box office launchthe horror feature film confirms that it will have little chance of being a long-term success and shows a drop in figures of 30.9%, bringing in around 4.7 million this past weekend. The film also displays the lowest average of this top 5.

Beyond the top 5 now is first Beast which, having lost three places, finds itself ejected this week. A predictable fate for the survival film in the wild, which will have defended itself honorably, but cannot survive against the competition, once curiosity has passed. The feature film would have paid off all the same $3.6 million domestic. Next, Minions 2 remains one of Universal’s most impressive hits of the year. by earning another 15% on its past receipts and would raise another $3 million servants in the 10th week of operation.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero continues its fall by being ninth at the box office and showing a drop of 50% on its receipts of the past weekend and would record only 2.4 million receipts servants in the 3rd week of operation. An inevitable trajectory for this kind of animated film corresponding to a niche audience. Small surprise with the reissue of Sea teeth which, for its return to theaters in an IMAX version, has the best average per cinema of the whole weekend (1846 dollars per cinema) and would raise $2.3 million.

Jaws: Photo“Would you have 5 minutes to talk about the HFR?”

Finally, some good news: the last weekend had been marked by the National Cinema Day in the United States which has kept all its promises. As mentioned by Box Office Pro, Ihe tariff applied in more than 3,000 theaters with a $3 ticket attracted more than 8 million American spectators and allowed the rooms to have an increase in attendance. This is also what surely explains the large and sudden gains of the most popular and family films, such as Top Gun: Maverick, Krypto and the Super Animals or Minions 2.

The return of films already known to the public, such as Spider-Man: No Way Home and Jaws, also benefited from this event. Conversely, it was not a godsend for new releases and genre films, often neglected by the general American public. So no celebrations for Hell’s Ball, Beast or, more unfortunate still, for George Miller’s new film, Three thousand years waiting for you, which collapses to 13th position in the rankings in its second week of operationonly.


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