Sophie Marceau: in a low-cut dress, she narrowly avoided an accident at the Angoulême Festival

Sophie Marceau: in a low-cut dress, she narrowly avoided an accident at the Angoulême Festival

On the occasion of the promotion of her new film, Sophie Marceau was present at the Angoulême Festival, on Friday August 26, 2022. And the actress almost suffered a new accident: her overalls almost broke.

This Friday August 26, 2022, Sophie Marceau went to the Angoulême Festival to present the film A woman of our time in which she stars. And the actress almost had a small accident. Indeed, the star of The party was dressed in a magnificent overalls in pastel blue colors. With a dizzying neckline, the strap of her outfit almost revealed a little too much. Fortunately, everything went well and Sophie Marceau came out of her parade unscathed. And it is with humor that the next day, the actress reacted following her visit to the Festival: “I like to disturb. We never know what may happen to us tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to face things. Life is worth it. We only have one.”

Sophie Marceau also returned to her popularity, which continues to grow among the French: “I’ve been making movies for forty years. We grew up together. Maybe people also appreciate that I don’t do pirouettes to please. Besides, I don’t know what people like,” confides the star. Lactress also wanted to describe her role in this new film : “This film has a lot of freedom. In fact, it’s mostly about this woman’s journey more than a detective story or anything else. She has a path to follow, like a dynamic of destiny that goes beyond norms and codes. Everything is triggered when the pillars of his life collapse”.

Sophie Marceau, ever more popular

Although this new feature film received some negative reviews, Sophie Marceau is proud to play the leading role : “Even if this film has flaws, we are sure of one thing: the public will not hold it against Sophie Marceau. A stainless love and popularity, we tell you”, summed up the journalist fromWest France, present on site. Whatever the critics, the actress is proud of this new film, which puts her once again on the front of the stage.

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