Sochaux is a hit, Amiens remains leader, Le Havre brings down Caen / Ligue 2 / J7 / Summary /

Sochaux is a hit, Amiens remains leader, Le Havre brings down Caen / Ligue 2 / J7 / Summary /

Stunning Sochaux, QRM and Niort ensure the show

Without a show, but with the expulsion of Ahmed Kashi (81e), Metz and Annecy could not do better than a goalless draw. Sochaux overthrew Laval, for an essential success and all in panache. And it was the Laval residents, currently in bad shape, who took the lead. Rémy Duterte’s cross allowed Julien Maggiotti to place a nice volley at the far post, to open the scoring (0-1, 29e). Unfortunately for the Tangos, the expulsion of Yasser Baldé shortly before half-time twisted the system and was exploited by Tony Mauricio, author of an excellent work in withdrawal towards Gaëtan Wessbeck to equalize (1-1, 45e+2). In numerical superiority, the Cubs ended up going ahead, Julien Faussurier finding the head of Moussa Doumbia (2-1, 72e). Then, Tony Mauricio and Maxime Do Couto took the break in the final moments (3-1, 81e ; 4-1, 83e).

Five goals, and an expulsion in 45 minutes: Quevilly-Rouen and Niort were strong. QRM took the lead through Issa Soumaré in the first quarter of an hour (1-0, 13e)before Nicolas Lemaître was expelled ten minutes later (23e). An incident punished by Bilel Boutobba, on penalty (1-1, 28e). Then followed an exchange between Louis Mafouta, author of the second Norman realization (2-1, 33e)and Amadou Sagna, on the Chamois side (2-2, 34e). Soumaré meanwhile offered himself a double, a few moments before the break (3-2, 41e). On returning from the locker room, the adventures followed one another, and Boutobba in turn went there with his second pawn, still on penalty (3-3, 53e). Opposite, Quevilly finished nine with the red of striker Mafouta (54e).

The HAC snatches the podium, Valenciennes the top 5

Le Havre won the Normandy derby against Caen. The HAC took the reins of entry, the work of Victor Lekhal with a well-controlled penalty (1-0, 7e). On the lookout for a mess, Jamal Thiaré widened the gap (2-0, 76e). The reduction of the score of Godson Kyeremeh, in added time, did not change anything (2-1, 90e+1). In Hainaut, Valenciennes had to try three times to clear the Nîmes obstacle. The bulletin board was unlocked by Mohamed Kaba (1-0, 29e)quickly joined by Malik Tchokounté with a penalty placed (1-1, 45e). Marius Noubissi restored the advantage to VA from the start of the second act (2-1, 49e)but Moussa Koné restored order (2-2, 69e). At the end of the game, Hugo Bonnet offered the victory to the Northerners despite everything with a flat foot at the far post (3-2, 77e).

At Armand-Cesari, Bastia overcame Dijon in a tense and choppy game. The only achievement of Migouel Alfarela (1-0, 55e) allowed to bring three points to the Corsicans, well helped by the expulsion of Christopher Rocchia for a charge on Joris Sainati (80e). Similar scenario to the Unicorn, where Amiens offered a solid victory in front of Grenoble signed Tolu Arokodare on penalty (1-0, 69e). The fourth sentence of the evening.

The results :

Metz 0-0 Annecy

Kicked out: Kashi (81e) for residents of Annecy

Sochaux 4-1 Laval

Goals: Wessbeck (45e+2), Doumbia (72e), Mauricio (81e) and Do Couto (83e) for the Cubs // Maggiotti (29e) for Tangos
Expulsion: Baldé (39e) for Tangos

Quevilly-Rouen 3-3 Niort

Goals: Soumare (13e and 41e), Mafouta (31e) for QRM// Boutobba (28eSP and 53eSP) and Sagna (34e)
Expulsion: Lemaître (23e) and Mafouta (54e) for QRM

Valenciennes 3-2 Nimes

Goals: Kaba (29e), Noubissi (49e) and Beanie (77e) for VA // Tchokounté (45eSP) and Koné (69e) for Crocos

Amiens 1-0 Grenoble

Goal: Arokodare (69eSP) for CSA

Le Havre 2-1 Caen

Goals: Lekhal (7eSP) and Thiare (76e) for the HAC // Kyeremeh (90e+1) for Vikings

Bastia 1-0 Dijon

Goal: Alfarela (55e) for Sporting

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