Slimane dad: the singer is terribly worried about the future of his daughter, Esmeralda!


On Friday September 2, 2022, Slimane was on the air on the BFMTV channel. Vitaa’s accomplice had granted a interview as part of promoting his new album entitled “Chronicles of a Cupid”. The singer has also dedicated this new album to his daughter Esmeralda.

Slimane a happy father

During the composition of his new album, Slimane has enormously drew his inspiration in his love for his daughter Esmeralda.

Indeed, the songwriter wrote several songsas “Thousands of, I Love You”, to his daughter Esmeralda. It would be happiness to finally find serenity in fatherhood which allowed Slimane to have so much creativity.

“What I have been looking for all my life, fatherhood has brought it to me. I think I had too much love in me, and suddenly, it could finally come out for good reasons, ”he confided on TF1 during a 50-minute session inside the month of but last.

Slimane continues that every moment spent with his little girl only doesincrease the happiness he feels. Just by listening to it, there is no doubt that the young dad is currently on cloud nine. This touching statement shows how happy the young man is.

Moreover, the singer is stayed away from social media during a moment. But when his daughter was born, the artist wanted to share the happiness he felt with the whole world.

“No more searching no more, I found you.” It’s nothing all the bad things done to me, I found you, I thought I knew everything about love, but it’s not true. If I loved them dearly. You are much stronger, ”mentioned Vitaa’s sidekick on his Instagram account.

A dedicated post for his offspring.

Slimane discusses his concerns about his daughter

On July 30, on Télé-Loisirs Slimane, evokes those worries that torment his mind regularly. Concerns that have a link with his role as a father. The artist claims to have fear of losing his daughter since he became a dad.

The latter confides that he was never afraid of losing his life. But fatherhood made him know the sense of being afraid. The young man worries more about the well-being of his daughter than about himself.

Slimane still has talked about her little angel during an interview with BFMTV. It was this Friday, September 2 at the release of his latest opus entitled “Chronicles of a Cupid”. The BFMTV channel asked him questions about his new album, including the singer’s inspirations.

This one mentioned his daughter who according to him is the source of his creativity. The channel’s presenter started the conversation by saying that being a father, it is not an easy task.

The singer replied to him by saying that it is really not easy to be a father especially at the time in which we live. He then wondered whether everything we teach our children would be enough to enable them to defend yourself in the world where we live.

Slimane ends with full sentences common sense and kindness :

“We are aware of what we could leave and bequeath. One day, I hope, she will listen to me and I would like her to listen to someone good and tell herself that everything I told her was true and that I did not say the opposite in my songs. »

Complications after childbirth

But it wasn’t all rosy for the singer. The singer recently confided that his daughter had had complications at birth. Esmeralda his daughter was born prematurely. The baby was struggling to feed and breathe according to Slimane. The young man was very worried about the condition of his newborn daughter.

“Yes, I was scared. For once, I’m talking about the little heart lagging behind, because her heart was struggling to beat properly, she was struggling to feed herself…”, entrustshe to the presenter of Télématin.

According to Slimane the doctors didn’t want her baby kind of hospital, because the little one was not yet very well. However, he was eager to introduce Esmeralda to his loved ones. He then confessed that he prayed for his daughter to recover.

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