Sheila is 77 years old: the unexpected tribute of her ex-daughter-in-law Sylvie Ortega, with whom she is cold

Sheila is 77 years old: the unexpected tribute of her ex-daughter-in-law Sylvie Ortega, with whom she is cold

This Tuesday, August 16, on the occasion of Sheila’s birthday, her former daughter-in-law made a beautiful statement to her. Sylvie Ortega wants to bury the hatchet.

No room for resentment. This Tuesday, August 16, Sheila celebrated her 77th birthday and was able to count on the support of her fans, her relatives, but also more surprisingly, her former daughter-in-law. Yet at war for years with the mother of Ludovic Chancel, Sylvie Ortega has indeed wanted to celebrate the singer. On her Instagram account, she published three photos of Sheila before giving her a nice statement in the caption. “There are sacred days that nothing can erase, no matter what people say, there are still beautiful memories. As far as I’m concerned, I never forget your birthday, wrote Sylvie Ortega. Despite all our differences, I wish you a very happy birthday Anny (sic) in peace, serenity…” Between the two women whose resentment has given way to healthier feelings.

Already last year, Sylvie Ortega had sent a message of peace to Sheila on the occasion of her birthday. “My dear mother-in-law, she had written. Hate is love that does not speak its name! Doesn’t the proverb say that ‘hate and love are the fruits of the same tree.’ that our conflicts, insults and wounds fade away to make way for mutual respect, this is my message for your birthday. Not sure, however, that these messages put an end to their heated quarrel, which began on July 7, 2017 when Ludovic Chancel died at the age of forty-two following a drug overdose. Afterwards, Sheila and Sylvie Ortega have both blamed each other for the artist’s terrible death and ended up in court.

Sheila: she attacked her ex-daughter-in-law

In 2018, Sheila lost a summary trial in which she attacked Sylvie Ortega for “defamation”. A decision that the artist explained not to understand on his Facebook account. “The judge in chambers of the Tribunal de grande instance of Paris held that my son’s last companion could accuse me freely and with complete impunity of having ignored her cries for help. (…) The judge considers that To be described ‘as a ‘bad mother’, even if it constitutes a difficult assessment for me to live with, would therefore not be defamatory. It is not difficult to live with, it is unlivable”, she wrote shortly after the verdict. Since then, Sheila has paid several tributes to her tragically deceased son and seems to no longer want to talk about her daughter-in-law publicly.

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