Seven companies winners of the CCI Economy Trophies (video)

Seven companies winners of the CCI Economy Trophies (video)

For the 18th year, the Haute-Loire Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) presented its trophies to seven Haute-Loire companies on Tuesday evening at the Palais des spectacles in Vals-près-Le Puy.

Six months after the last edition (the next should not take place before 2023), seven new companies were highlighted on the occasion of these Altiligerian Economy Trophies. If Jean-Luc Dolléans, the president of the CCI, believes that “Haute-Loire is on course” based on VAT figures, he recognizes that the two points of concern are “recruitment and the cost energies” with “a stack of successive crises”.

During this evening, the president of the CCI announced the retirement in September of the director in office for eleven years, Bruno François. His successor was presented, it is Emmanuel Vendé, in charge of the regional branch in Haute-Loire, since February 2018, of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Entreprises.

Commerce Prize: Interlude bookstore in Le Puy-en-Velay

Created in 1984 by Paul Mathieu in rue Pannessac, this bookstore specializing in comics was taken over in 2010 by Renaud Oriol. Since 2017, it has been located in new premises, rue Porte-Aiguière, between boulevard Saint-Louis and the town hall square. In September, a new expansion is planned to increase to 450 m2. This trade has 18,000 references, more than half of which concern manga.

Innovation Prize: 3P Profil in Les Villettes

3P Profil manufactures and markets tubes, angles, flats, mandrels and technical profiles. Since 2013, Bertrand Pezelier’s company has been based in Les Villettes and has doubled its production area. With 36 employees, 16 extrusion lines and more than 1,200 references, the Villettoise company achieves a turnover of more than 3 million euros.

For several months, after having worked during the Covid with 4 million rubber bands and quick solutions, 3P Profil has been developing products from a material resulting from the recycling of food bricks such as Tetra Pak. Formerly buried (39,000 tons of waste per year), are now recycled and used to manufacture new products.

Tourism Prize: Lugik Parc at Estables

Lugik Parc is a 4-season luge concept that started at the end of 2019 in Les Estables, at the foot of the Mézenc. This park of 28 toboggans on double rails benefits from an exceptional setting and lasts about 7 minutes with two runs. The potential is 70 to 80,000 passages per year. “We have visitors who make several visits”, appreciate Philippe Michel, the manager who invested 2 million euros in this project, and Raphaël Bonnet, the director of operations. The 2022 financial year bodes well, especially for groups.

International Prize: Clay from Velay in Saint-Paulien

The company, the only company operating a green clay deposit in Auvergne, operates its own deposits in a quarry in Saint-Paulien. Argile du Velay is positioned in a wide variety of markets: cosmetics, agriculture, hydrotherapy, animal hygiene.

In 40 years, Argile du Velay has become the French leader in clay extraction with an international presence in 50 countries, notably in the United States, Poland, Indonesia and Vietnam. The next surveys are in Peru and Brazil, as well as in Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Industrial Development Award: RC Metal in Retournac

Rémi Dugat and Clément Soumard created RC Métal in 2020. From study to completion, the company based in Retournac offers metal work, boilerwork, locksmithing and piping. It offers its services to both individuals and businesses.

Turnover increased from €120,000 to €420,000. “We are looking for a building closer to the RN88”, announces Rémi Dugat.

Sustainable Development Award: Ecopack in Saugues

Clément Filère brings an ecological delivery alternative with Ecopack Solutions and its Boomerang package. It is a zero waste reusable package, made in France, from advertising tarpaulins made from PVC, which represents 80% of the tarpaulins. The young entrepreneur, who started in 2020, has developed a collection network for old communication media.

The next objectives are to industrialize the manufacture of parcels to lower the cost of manufacture, and to imagine a new economic model so as not to make the customer bear the current additional cost.

Favorite award: Somecab in Beauzac

The Société Mécanique de Beauzac specializes in heat treatment in the mass of rough forgings and castings, machining, gear cutting, thermochemical treatments, as well as induction hardening.

Elisabeth Nicod took over from her father, the founder of Somecab. Turnover increases by 25% in 2022. To meet the increase in orders, the company is recruiting but is struggling to find locally. A first worker arrived in December from the Maghreb. A dozen others are due to arrive in Beauzac in the coming weeks.


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