Serie A – Romelu Lukaku back at Inter Milan: “He will no longer be treated like a king”

Serie A – Romelu Lukaku back at Inter Milan: “He will no longer be treated like a king”

Each year, the transfer window retains this unique ability to always be able to surprise us. We may know it and practice it winter and summer, even when its doors are not yet open, it manages to renew itself to offer its share of surprises. But let’s face it: this one certainly falls into the realm of the most improbable. And most incredible. After leaving Inter Milan in August 2021, Romelu Lukaku has just made his comeback less than a year later. The striker who was worth 115 million euros, left on a mission to Chelsea to take revenge on his past, finally repented of his choice. To the point of deciding the unthinkable: to backtrack and return to where everyone loved it. Where he scored 64 goals in 95 matches. Where songs and frescoes have been dedicated to him.

To repatriate its former striker, plagued by regrets and nostalgia throughout his stay in London, Inter managed to conclude a paying loan of several million euros, and obviously without a purchase option. A victory for the Nerazzurri but also for “Big Rom” who, determined to return to Lombardy, took matters into his own hands throughout the discussions, not hesitating to negotiate his own departure. Sébastien Ledure, his lawyer, did the rest. In the end, everyone is happy: Chelsea temporarily separates from a player who Thomas Tuchel no longer wanted to hear about, Lukaku returns to where he feels loved and Inter recovers a striker who has wreaked havoc in Serie A during his two years. All for an almost derisory amount (22 million between the loan and the salary) compared to the record sum of last year.

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Lukaku well and truly back in Milan


The fallen king

Since his departure, and after probably realizing his mistake, the Belgian international has multiplied the messages of love towards his former team this season. How to forget his lunar maintenance at Sky Italia last December where, in the middle of the winter break, he declared “to like“Inter all in”apologizing“with his former tifosi for the way he abandoned ship?”I have always said that I carry Inter in my heart, I will go back there, I really hope so. I’m in love with Italy“, he announced there. Chelsea, who had not authorized this interview, decided to send him a rather steep fine shortly after. But what does it matter for “Big Rom”: his message had passed. Beneamata, one could not hide a certain thrill at the idea of ​​​​this sudden comeback. However, if Lukaku had left as king of the city, as he declared himself after a derby victory against AC Milan , he returns without a crown.

La Curva Nord support Inter and won’t challenge the player despite his behavior last summerwarned the ultras of Inter in a press release. That being said, no one should go and greet him with scarves or banners from the Curva or the groups that make it up (…) He was supported (and treated) like a king, now he’s a player like many others. Let it be clear, we will not be against him if he wears our shirt again. But we invite all tifosi not to fall into the opposite trap, that of running immediately behind him. Apart from an obvious instinctual emotional aspect, pretending that nothing happened would only further accelerate this process that has been going on for years, aimed at making us all dumb and docile consumers..”

Can it be whistled?

The Curva Nord also claimed to have “noted Lukaku’s betrayal“in the summer of 2021, ensuring power”forgive over time” even though “the scars remain“.”Now Romelu, head down and on the job“, she concludes. Something to somewhat calm the obvious euphoria of this return, especially after the disappointment of the scudetto lost against AC Milan last season. Lukaku therefore knows what to expect, he whose fresco around San Siro had been cleared after he left.”What matters is not those who flee in the rain. They are the ones who stay in the storm“, also recited a banner of the ultras for the Belgian.

For me it is very brave to come back, tells us Lino, a 30-year-old Inter supporter. He probably had problems with Tuchel and the Chelsea dressing room, otherwise he probably would have tried to redeem himself next season. Here, the tifosi accept this return. Nobody is going to whistle him, especially if we think back to his declarations of love last December and his choice to lower his salary to return. He will no longer be the king of Milan as before, but he will have the opportunity to win everyone back. La Curva Nord made it clear that it would treat him like anyone else. And I think the rest of the stadium will do the same by welcoming him pretty well..” Without whistles, therefore, but without arms wide open either. Even if no less than 200 euphoric tifosi accompanied his return on Wednesday, between medical examination and signing of the contract.

Loaned for a season, Lukaku will therefore have to redeem himself. To help him, a locker room that still appreciates him and a duo to reform with his great friend Lautaro Martinez. The famous “LuLa” had also become the terror of defenders of Italian clubs. Between the two, contact was never broken even after the Belgian left for Chelsea. “I miss Lautaro Martinez, I could die on the pitch for him from the first day I met him. To see him play at Chelsea with me in the future? No… Lautaro, you can stay in Milan, I’ll be back “, had joked the latter to Sky Italia in December. He probably did not think that the reunion would take place so quickly.

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