Serie A: a goal unjustly refused, four red cards … Juventus-Salernitana ended in chaos

Serie A: a goal unjustly refused, four red cards ... Juventus-Salernitana ended in chaos

Led 0-2 by Salernitana, Juventus finally grabbed a draw (2-2) on Sunday in Serie A. A raging result since the Old Lady managed to score a third goal by Arkadiusz… finally refused for an off- non-existent game. A manifest error that set fire to the powder.

Serie A: a goal unjustly refused

Milik believed to save Juventus… but was excluded.

For Juventus, every point wants gold. After almost a decade of dominance, the Old Lady has been overtaken by the two Milan clubs in the past two seasons. Three years without any Scudetto, the formation of Turin does not even think about it. So, when she finds herself deprived of a victory, what’s more after a comeback, it inevitably makes noise.

Milik’s goal was valid

On the 6th day, Juventus conceded a fourth draw in Serie A against Salernitana. Without a doubt the most frustrating. Mens 0-2 at the break following the achievements of Antonio Candreva (18th) and Krzysztof Piatek (45th + 5 sp), the Bianconeri came back up to the visitors thanks to Bremer (51st) and Leonardo Bonucci (90th + 3). Clearly ahead at the end of the game, Juventus even managed to score a third goal, synonymous with victory, by Arkadiusz Milik, who headed a corner. A realization of the player loaned by Olympique de Marseille who sowed discord at the Allianz Stadium.

Indeed, the referee of the game, after having excluded the Polish striker, who took off his shirt when celebrating his goal, for a second yellow card, decided to check the VAR. On the video, Mr. Marcenaro considered that Bonucci, on the trajectory of the ball, was making play even without having touched the leather. However, at no time did the Italian central defender interfere with goalkeeper Luigi Sepe. Worse still, on an image capture to which the man in black obviously had no access during his time in front of television, we realize that an opposing player was largely covering the Turin captain.

Bonucci does not understand

Race results? The goal was ultimately disallowed. Milick? The red card was not withdrawn from him despite the cancellation of his achievement. Juan Guillermo Cuadrado and Federico Fazio, who almost came to blows during the moment of hesitation, were also expelled, as well as Allegri. However, the Piedmontese manager was not as angry as that at the end of the meeting. I never talk to the referees. A goal was disallowed, I don’t know if it was good or not. The only thing: I would like to see the pictures because Candreva was on the same line. It takes more pictures to understand it. However, we must leave the referees alone, the protagonists of the matches are the players explained the technician.

On the other hand, Bonucci was much more upset. The explanation I was given was that an active offside had been detected. Sepe would never have caught the ball, my position does not interfere with a goalkeeper intervention, the rules say so. Then there’s some doubt that Candreva’s position hasn’t even been taken into account since in the still image you can’t see her. I’m less than a meter and Candreva is lower as the cut of the lawn shows. I hope it has been taken into account. The image was supposed to be complete but it didn’t happen. It doesn’t matter, my position is not active and the defender pulls my jersey , complained the second scorer of Juventus. A largely understandable frustration.

No offside for Bonucci

VIDEO: the goal refused Milik

What do you think of the referee’s decision to disallow the goal to Juventus? Not to cancel the red card for Milik? Do not hesitate to react and discuss in the area add a comment


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