Ségolène Royal in full revisionism – Liberation

Ségolène Royal in full revisionism – Liberation
War between Ukraine and Russiacase

Guest of BFM TV on September 1, the former presidential candidate questioned several abuses of the Ukrainian conflict perpetrated by Russian forces, denying in particular the reality of the deadly bombardment of the Mariupol maternity hospital, yet documented.

In a remarkable media release on the war in Ukraine, Ségolène Royal denounced Thursday, September 1 “war propaganda through fear”, specifically targeting the Ukrainian government. Above all, the former Minister of Ecological Transition questioned several abuses committed by the Russian forces.

Among the crimes that Ségolène Royal questions are the torture of prisoners, child rape, but above all the bombing of the Mariupol maternity ward, which was invented, according to him, to stop the peace process. “Everyone knows that there is fear war propaganda. If only the first event that has been said, bombarded motherhood. When Mr. Zelensky toured the European parliaments, this is where the peace process broke down. He used that, he said, “I met a pregnant woman who said revenge me.” He was unable to give the name of this woman, we did not know the names of the victims. And vYou can imagine that if there had been the slightest victim, the slightest baby with blood, in the age of cell phones we would have had them.

Mariupol, a documented bombardment

If war propaganda is not the prerogative of Moscow, the bombing of the Mariupol maternity ward, March 9, denied by the former socialist official, is however documented. Contrary to what Ségolène Royal claims, there are images. They were taken by the Associated Press reporters (who were then the last reporters in the besieged city) and by amateurs. Contrary to what Ségolène Royal claims, there were indeed victims, including a child.

One of the victims was a pregnant woman, evacuated on a stretcher under the cameras while she was still conscious, a gaping wound visible on her side. Rushed to another hospital closer to the frontline, doctors tried to save her, in vain. A surgeon interviewed by AP explains that his pelvis was crushed, his hip detached. She first lost her baby, whom she begged the doctors to save, before succumbing. “More than thirty minutes of resuscitation of the mother did not yield results”, explains the surgeon to AP.

CheckNews also had found Oksana Kirsanova, an anesthesiologist from a nearby hospital who managed to escape Mariupol before the city fell. She is part of the medical team that tried to save the woman in question. Between tears and sobs, she told us: “We were thus brought this woman from the maternity ward whose bombardment [le 9 mars, ndlr] was highly publicized. I was in the operating room. We tried to resuscitate her newborn, but unfortunately he was already dead.

In the hospital, there was a whole room full of women victims of the bombed maternity ward. They were all injured. One of them had a foot amputated, another had received shrapnel. We had to take care of their newborns, try to calm them down, give them bottles because their mothers couldn’t do it. These were difficult and trying times. We were trying to survive, we were operating.”

This is not the first time that Ségolène Royal has made such comments. On August 5, the latter had already said on Twitter : “The NGOs are also still awaiting proof of the alleged horrors, places and names of the victims. Horrors that led to more war and stopped any peace process: pregnant women and babies bombarded, torture of prisoners, child victims of rape: Where? When ? Who ?”

Royal’s remarks about Mariupol are perfectly in line with the propaganda of Moscow, which denied the existence of victims of the bombing of the maternity ward, going so far as to evoke, through channels of disinformation, a staging. affirmations contradicted by the facts. The other abuses questioned by Ségolène Royal, like the rapes and cases of torture of prisoners, have also been widely documented.

More than any other period, the war period is prone to misinformation, whether from unknown sources or from official authorities. In the context of the crisis in Ukraine, the service CheckNews of Release remains fully mobilized to answer your questions and try to disentangle the true from the false, whether statements, images or videos. Any information that makes you doubt? Do not hesitate to contact us via our form, by clicking on the banner at the top of each article.


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