SATURDAY CONSO: my diary (retail but not only…) of the week

SATURDAY CONSO: my diary (retail but not only…) of the week

“SATURDAY CONSO”, the retail week (but not only…) reviewed. As always in total freedom. And too bad if it stings!


Welcome to the land of inflation. This country where what was worth €1 yesterday can suddenly jump to €1.50. It gives you confidence…

In the land of inflation (here at Primark in Évry), you also have to know how to be satisfied with pokey reductions. Or when a drop of 6% (what is a 6% discount on textiles…?) becomes significant enough to justify a display. Welcome to the land of inflation (bis)!

Évry always, Carrefour. The… “butcher’s crust” is a seller. “Hotel bouchée” (as indicated on the product), didn’t that do it?

The unblockers section or… a new demonstration that time is indeed money! For an action in 45 minutes: €1.39. In 30 minutes: €1.55. In 5 minutes: €3.85. Time really is priceless!

The afternoon in another Carrefour, Rennes-Cesson. Fortunately, I am with Mamie Dauvers and not… Sandrine Rousseau. Because the single pancake, carefully wrapped in plastic, there was a way for it to become the controversy of the week.


A Parisian Carrefour City. There’s no shortage here, but the Dijon mustard is actually from Algiers. Travel Travel.

In the series of travels, I ask… the Kenyan green bean. The worst ? Let it sell.

Organic is now selling badly. Normal. There are fewer (8 milk breads vs 10) and it’s more expensive (€2.29 vs €1.45). No need to look any further.

Organic, always. At La Vie Claire, 100 small organic prices from 1er March 2022 to February 28, 2023. Should we understand a year without inflation? In fact, nothing indicates that the prices are blocked. But if the customer could believe it, for sure it wouldn’t bother anyone…


A Parisian Intermarché. The square meter is rare. The emergency exit will pay the price.

Who said life in Paris is expensive? €8 for a haircut… Wonder if I’m not going to come back to the hairdresser sooner than expected! Not a word to Madame Dauv’hair on the other hand (would have me dereferenced!).

At the Casino de Paris for the presentation of the Grés d’Or of the FEEF. It’s not to spoil the atmosphere (after the fact) but, next year, remember to use the right Carrefour logo. This one dates from… 2009! Well that said, even Rami didn’t see anything 😉


On the road to Auvergne. Stop at Nevers. Message to customers: we have removed the coin mechanisms but WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU. Close to threatening to put them back.

At Carrefour, it’s Bingo month. With, as every year, a brand massacred at – 90%. I imagine how one must appreciate the joke in Sun. Even if the discount is deferred, the tablet is displayed at 2 cents. That is to say… nothing. The antithesis of brand value!

Wine section. On one side the “sparkling wines”, on the other the “Sparkling / Sparkling”. Wow, segmentation!!! Are there guys paid for that???

Evening in Clermont-Ferrand. And what an evening… Stage 10 of my Observatory of signs lit up at night. Conclusion: here, it’s… Versailles! Anthology (alas not exhaustive).

At Dorcel we are also on. But a doubt seizes me. 11 p.m., maybe it’s still busy in this business? You’re welcome.


Quick!, need to repent (lustful thoughts from yesterday !). Direction the first temple of consumption to come (B&M) for a “Hail Mary”. €5.99 anyway.

Otherwise, for €2 less, I had the local “god”: the B&M dwarf. But to ensure one’s place in Paradise, it is less certain than a holy virgin!

B&M always. The water department? Video-monitored. Must say that in Auvergne, Volvic is a bit of the only wealth, isn’t it? (we don’t get carried away with the Auvergnats, it’s a… question).

Casino Hyper Frais, still in Clermont-Ferrand. What did I think there, steeped in the evil spirit that I am? That, in recent years, Casino has more surely made the fortune of sign makers than of its shareholders… I warned you. Bad prices I tell you.

Like almost everywhere, it’s the Wine Fair. As often, beer is gaining ground. Step by step. Slowly. But surely.

At Boulanger (in Vichy), the products are unanimous. 100% of customers rate 5 stars. A card, a triumph, what am I saying…? A standing ovation! In fact… a customer. Only one.

Kora. In Vichy (this perhaps explaining that…) we don’t laugh with the consumption of alcohol.

Caramba, here we “lower prices”!!! In the midst of inflation? Yes yes, – 4.2% “out of 5,000 everyday products”, “since 1er January 2020”. So the most important information is missing: from 1er January 2020 to…?

In the ultra-fresh section, Andros announces a new pack for its compotes. To justify their presence at the expense? Because don’t doubt it, the debate on these products whose refrigeration is disputed will come. Especially in the age of energy saving…

Ultra-fresh again. Question (probably stupid): but why do those who design the first prizes do everything not to make people want to? Because there, it’s damn successful.

Core again. Where the carts are sold by the piece. Yes Yes.

Not far, Leclerc. A… remnant. The current brand logo is 10 years old this year (she was even an outcast here). Probably a budget issue. For Leclerc Bellerive sur Allier, give…

Question (which I’m not even trying to pass off as naive): does the recyclability of plastic make this “tray fair” more acceptable? Not sure. The best waste is always that which is not produced.

Direction Hema for “bioplastic” toys. Do you feel it coming this great movement of… guilt-free consumption? Me very well… And I even feel that we are going to have a good laugh. Like: “It’s useless, but since it’s compostable, at least we’ll grow vegetables with it”.

* Want to share retail info? New products, new concept, field observation, sales figures, photo, upcoming initiative, etc. InfoRetail Line is here for that. In complete discretion of course.

How always, the production of this SATURDAY CONSO is guaranteed very very mainly “homemade”. At… 95% today, I can hardly do better!

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