Sad news for fans of 12 noon shots, the show will no longer be available…

12 coups de midi

The program les 12 coups de midi already seems inaccessible for some viewers. Indeed, Jean-Luc Reichmann, the host, shared this sad news on his Instagram account. It turns out that for lack Okay between the TF1 group and Canal +, some will not have no more access to channel number one. We’ll explaine everything here.

The 12 strokes of noon

It’s already been 12 years that the 12 noon shots give an appointment all week long to viewers at noon sharp. Unfortunately, some fans are going to have to give up on it, because the channel TF1 will no longer be accessible for them. It is indeed Jean-Luc Reichmann who shared the news with his subscribers to whom he is very close.

It must be said that Jean-Luc Reichmann is very often active on Instagram. The interpreter of Léo Matteï thus shared the press release from the TF1 group announcing the sad news. But don’t worry, TF1 is sorry that some of the fans of the show 12 noon shots can no longer have access to it. The channel offers alternatives to that.

The decision of the two giants

On Jean-Luc Reichmann’s Instagram post, no caption. The facilitator simply conveys the message. And this, for fear of saying something wrong or right, because he has nothing more to say. Indeed, the Canal+ group, which belongs to Vincent Bolloré, announced last Friday that it would no longer broadcast the channels of TF1 group. And this also impacts the broadcast of the 12 strokes of noon.

Because, to have DTT, it is possible to go through a Canal box. So, know that if you are in this case, you no longer have access to these channels like TF1, TFX, TMC, etc. Because apparently the two giants failed to reach an agreement. We can therefore read that “The TF1 group takes note of the decision of the Canal+ group to cease the broadcasting of its channels and services by the Canal+ group and strongly deplores it. While the TF1 group is distributed by all distributors FREE, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, Orange, Molotov and Salto, Canal + did not wish to conclude a new distribution agreement for the channels and services of the TF1 group despite weeks of discussions and negotiations, choosing to deprive its subscribers of the channels and services they pay for in their subscription”.

A possibility of agreement

But Tf1 nevertheless ensures that it remains open to any agreement for fix this problem. Because several million viewers will find themselves penalized by this bad agreement. And that’s almost 12% of the audience of 12 noon shots. TF1 declares to be “open to discussions with a view to reaching an agreement quickly so as not to further penalize the millions of viewers who receive the group’s channels via Canal+open to discussions with a view to reaching an agreement quickly with the aim of not penalizing more the millions of viewers who receive the group’s channels via Canal+”. In addition, the TF1 group gives as an alternative for the penalized the MYTF1 application and website. A solution that allows you to watch live as well as replays.

The reaction of the public of 12 noon shots

Under the publication of theanimator 12 strokes of noon, reactions did not take long. We find comments like “Sad to be deprived of our programs. For a story of money, viewers are held hostage“, “Whatever the fault of one or the other, it is the viewers who toast! Shame !””In the interest of TF1, it is really to find an agreement at the risk of losing a lot of viewers….

But yet, an agreement should be found between the two giants. This is not the first time such a situation has arisen. IN 2018, Canal+ had already stopped broadcasting the TF1 groupwhich subsequently suffered a change.

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