Richard Berry case: justice has decided, the actor fixed on his fate

Richard Berry case: justice has decided, the actor fixed on his fate

Wednesday August 31, 2022, Richard Berry was fixed on his fate. Accused of “acts of rape or incestuous sexual assault, and corruption of a minor” by his daughter, Coline, the actor saw justice take a crucial decision.

Wednesday February 3, 2021, in the columns of WorldColine Berry revealed that she had filed a complaint with the Paris prosecutor’s office on Thursday January 21, 2021, against her father for “acts of rape or incestuous sexual assault, and corruption of a minor.On Wednesday August 31, 2022, the Paris prosecutor’s office dismissed the investigation. According to information from BFM TVthe facts would have been reclassified”of sexual assault on a 15-year-old minor“regarding Richard Berry and”bribery of 15 year old minor” regarding Jeane Manson. With BFM TVthe Paris prosecutor’s office clarified: “This procedure was dismissed due to the acquisition of the statute of limitations for public action.

Patrick Klugman, Coline Berry’s lawyer, reacted: “Coline Berry denounced the appalling facts she suffered in her family environment for much of her youth, knowing full well that they were prescribed. I welcome the decision of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which after a long and meticulous investigation, takes note of the prescription and thus considers them sufficiently characterized and therefore probable. No one will be able to say that Coline Berry is a liar anymore, but simply that the facts can no longer be pursued.Finally, the lawyer added:Coline Berry found in front of her a remarkably powerful system orchestrated by her father to forbid her to speak. This system has even made Coline Berry, a victim, a person condemned for having denounced what she experienced. We are now waiting for the Court of Riom to restore the honor and dignity of Coline Berry.

Marilou Berry, a size support for Coline Berry

Shortly before the court decides, Marilou Berry granted an interview to Gala. Referring to her position, the actress confided: “I could not do otherwise in the face of too great an injustice. His father is an extremely influential person who had, I think, power. It was unfair to leave her alone in this shitty media trial that was done. I don’t have much power, but at least I have the power to be heard by the media. It would be disgusting of me to let her be lynched in public.“The daughter of Josiane Balasko then lamented:”All the women who died under the blows of their boyfriend have filed a complaint. And nothing moves. HASToday, it’s no longer taboo, but you get used to it and you no longer react. It’s horrible.

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