Restaurant vouchers, rentals, fuel…. What changes on July 1

Restaurant vouchers, rentals, fuel….  What changes on July 1
Tickets-resto, new obligations for rentals, end of oil-fired boilers….  What's changing on July 1. (Getty Images)

Tickets-resto, new obligations for rentals, end of oil-fired boilers…. What’s changing on July 1. (Getty Images)

Like every beginning of the month, July 1 is accompanied by many changes for the household budget. Overview.

The end of restaurant tickets at 38 euros

The restaurant tickets at 38 euros are gone. From this Friday, July 1, the ceiling for daily use of restaurant tickets will be lowered to 19 euros. This threshold had been doubled in 2020 to help catering professionals in the context of the health crisis. This measure had been extended three times in two years.

Quoted by BFM, the Ministry of the Economy confirms that “the use of restaurant tickets will be under the same conditions as before the health crisis.” Clearly, restaurant tickets can no longer be used on weekends or public holidays. Small exception made for those who work on Saturday and Sunday, the precious sesame remains usable on weekends.

New obligations for property rentals between individuals

As of July 1, individuals offering rental accommodation will be required to mention certain elements when publishing the advertisement. Must include:

  • The amount of the monthly rent and, if applicable, the additional rent

  • The amount of rental charges or recoverable charges

  • If the accommodation is located in an area governed by a rent control system

  • The amount of any security deposit required

  • The furnished character of the rental

  • The amount of taxes included in the fees charged to the tenant when carrying out the inventory

  • The municipality or the district

  • The surface of the rented property in square meters of living space

➜ The replacement of oil or coal-fired boilers is prohibited

This ban targets approximately 3 million households. In order to limit greenhouse gas emissions from heating equipment, oil or coal boilers can no longer be installed in homes, unless it is impossible to use other energy sources. “The devices already installed can continue to be used, maintained and repaired, but financial aid of up to 11,000 euros is planned to encourage their replacement”, develops New housing, for which the building permit will be filed after July 1, 2022, is affected by this ban.

The process to change your surname simplified

Changing your surname will become easier. Voted last March, the law on the relief of the change of surname comes into force on the first day of July. “A major person can change their name to take that of their mother, their father or both, if they did not already have them, by simple declaration to the civil registry”, explains Before July 1, you had to have a “legitimate” reason to be able to change your surname and bring multiple documents in order to win your case. From now on, you will simply need a form and send it to the civil status service of the town hall of your place of birth or residence.

Additional help to renovate your home

Do you want to renovate your home so that it consumes less energy? The state grants you a new boost. “From July 1, 2022, it will be possible to accumulate a zero-rate eco-loan (eco-PTZ) of a maximum amount of 30,000 euros to finance the cost of energy renovation work not covered by MaPrimeRénov'”. The work concerned (insulation of the dwelling, change of heating mode) can already be started, but at most 6 months before the request for this interest-free loan.

➜ New regulations for motorcycle helmets

Already angry, bikers are likely to be even more so. From this Friday, July 1, motorcycle helmets should cost more. The reason for this increase? The new European “ece 22.06” homologation of motorcycle helmets which comes into force.

The previous “ece 22.05” standard which had applied since 2007 no longer really corresponded to usage. “It’s an important passage from a security point of view. The crash tests have evolved. The old tests were limited to checking 6 impact points in specific places. Now, there are 18, several of which are random” , explains to BFM Business Benoit Lavit, marketing director of Shark and designer of the Spartan helmet.

VIDEO – Motorcycle helmets: new regulations will come into force on July 1

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