reassembled against arbitration, Monaco sent a letter to the FFF

reassembled against arbitration, Monaco sent a letter to the FFF

Paul Mitchell, sporting director of Monaco, delivered a long tirade against the lack of consistency in arbitration decisions on Wednesday, and indicated that he had alerted the French Football Federation to start discussions.

Three days after their solid draw on the PSG pitch, Monaco suffered a heavy relapse by losing at home to Troyes (2-4), Wednesday during the 5th day of Ligue 1. A defeat marked by a penalty deemed severe conceded by Guillermo Maripan, warned about this action before being excku 20 minutes later for a second yellow which made the Monegasque clan jump. “I ask my players for intensity in duels but there is someone here who thinks it’s a penalty? Asked coach Philippe Clement at a press conference. I can’t explain to my players what’s happening.”

“I ask that everyone be refereed in the same way”

The Sporting Director, Paul Mitchell, spoke at greater length, denouncing the lack of consistency in refereeing decisions since the start of the season. He says he alerted the French Football Federation (FFF) to this problem last week. “To be completely honest, I’m upset about a lot of things tonight, and more specifically about some decisions, he told the media. It’s getting too recurrent. We feel like we had to face to a lot of unfavorable decisions. Two red cards in the last four games, the two debatable ones, a decisive penalty against us… All I ask is that everyone is refereed in the same way. If the right decision is to send off a player guilty of a slight contact by raising his arm, so what about Neymar who, on Sunday evening in Paris, went there with his elbow forward on one of our players? It lacks consistency and that’s all we’re asking for: fairness and consistency in decisions.”

“We contacted the Federation through a letter last week, we also said in a press conference that we are open to discussion, he added. Some of us are former players, others have been involved in football for a very long time and I’m sure we can do our bit. Of course, when there are decisions like tonight’s against us, we can only be disappointed and unhappy.”

The English leader regrets a certain haste on the part of the referees. “We are asking for more consistency in the decisions, he insists. The referees must take the necessary time before making decisions that change the course of a match. However, I will not hide the fact that we We weren’t good enough in the first half. We should have put more pace. We have a quality team. We showed it on Sunday in Paris and we should have done the same in the first half tonight. a key moment of the match, there is this red card against us, while in the second half, Breel Embolo is retained in the box and we should have benefited from a penalty. he action that involves Maripan, there is also a penalty on the action that involves Embolo. Again, we ask for consistency and fairness.”

“I’m not used to talking after games but tonight I think it’s the right time, since we are still at the start of the season, he concludes. We had the opportunity to to show that there is quality in our team and now we have to show it on the pitch. And that is what we will have to do in the coming weeks. I have been in football long enough to know that the job of the referees is difficult. But, for the good of the championship and all the teams including ours, we need consistency. To sum up, we are frustrated and upset with our performance and the lack of consistency that we have suffered in recent weeks.”

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