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Seen and read about PSG in the hex press this Sunday, September 11, 2022. PSG’s victory against Stade Brestois 29 with a powerful Lionel Messi-Neymar Jr duo, Gigio Donnarumma decisive in goal, the complicated evening experienced by Presnel Kimpembe, Neymar Jr on his way and the notes of the Parisians .

In today’s edition, The Team dedicates its front page to the victory of PSG to Princes Park facing Brest Stadium (1-0), on the occasion of the 7th day of Ligue 1. A success achieved thanks to the unique achievement of Neymar Jr in the first period. The duo Neymar-Messi was particularly successful, while Gigio Donnarumma made a decisive save from the penalty spot to allow his team to regain their place as leader of the championship. Because for the rest, the reigning French champions were very sluggish in the game, four days after their victory against the Juventus Torino in Champions League (2-1). While the Rouge & Bleu have been engaged in a marathon of matches for a few days, the coach Christophe Galtier achieved minimal turnover. But unlike last season, the PSG is really seductive in its highlights. “Saturday, the light came from the duo Messi-Neymar, following on from their start to the season. » The Argentinian chained the passes of great class while the Brazilian made an excellent sequence of control-crossing strikes on the only goal of the match. At the same time, it becomes the best of League 1 (8 goals) and only 4th top scorer in club history ahead of Pedro Miguel Pauleta and his 109 goals. “For the record, he has now scored against the 25 L1 teams that have crossed his path since his arrival in France. » Whether Neymar appeared at times out of place in the face of Brest, Lionel Messi remained applied the entire meeting, reports THE. Regarding the third attacker, Kylian Mbappehe was not having a good day.

The sports daily goes into more detail on the performance of Gigio Donnarumma against SB29 (1-0) this Saturday afternoon. Indeed, at the end of the match, the Rouge & Bleu can thank their Italian goalkeeper, author of a penalty save against Islam Slimani in the 70th minute of play. Without the 23-year-old goalkeeper, the reigning French champions would certainly have lost two points on their lawn. And the hug at the end of the match between Gianluigi Donnarumma and Luis Campos says a lot about the importance of the Italian goalkeeper last night. But the 2021 European champion is not on his first try with the PSG with a success of 50% (2/4) in this exercise. Highly criticized after his performance on Tuesday against the Juventus Torino, Gigio Donnarumma has, this time, earned points for his team. »

The Team also focuses on the complicated evening experienced by Presnel Kimpembe this Saturday afternoon. While wearing the captain’s armband, following the presence of Marquinhos on the bench at kick-off, the Tweety from PSG did not deliver his best performance with the Parisian jersey by far. He notably lived through a very complicated last 20 minutes where he provoked a more than avoidable penalty which could have allowed the Brestois to come back without a big Gigio Donnarumma in order to. At the end of the match, the Parisian defender injured his hamstrings following an uncontrolled tackle on a Brestois (Irvin Cardona). A muscle injury that will deprive him of the next two matches against Maccabi Haifa (September 14) in Champions League and against Olympique Lyonnais in League 1 (18). Moreover, it remains uncertain for the gathering of The french team at the end of the month. Above all, this action of Presnel Kimpembe “caused some tension between the two teams and the anger of Michel Der Zakarian, the Brest coach, who did not understand that the Parisian did not receive the slightest warning for the fault on his striker and an expulsion for a second yellow card. » In addition to this, the 2018 World champion had a very limited behavior towards the referee of the meeting, Jeremiah Pignard, which could have been worth a second yellow card or even a direct red. The 27-year-old left-hander did well on the spot, even if he had to leave his partners due to injury.

  • PSG player ratings (The Team): Donnarumma 8 – Ramos 6, Danilo 7, Kimpembe 4 – Hakimi 5, Vitinha 5, Verratti 6, Bernat 6 – Messi 7, Mbappé 5, Neymar 7

On his side, The Parisian focuses on the performance of Neymar Jr. By scoring again this season, the number 10 of the PSG gave the victory to his team and is alone at the top of the ranking of the top scorers of League 1 with 8 achievements (10 in total with the Champions Trophy). Added to this are 6 assists in the league. Above all, the Brazilian has scored a goal against each of the 25 opponents he has met in L1 since his arrival in 2017. Thanks to this achievement, he brings his total to 110 goals in 153 matches in all competitions with the PSG and became the only fourth top scorer in club history, ahead of Pedro Miguel Pauleta (109 goals in 211 matches) and behind Zlatan Ibrahimovic (156 in 180 matches), Kylian Mbappe (180 in 224 matches) and the record holder Edinson Cavani (200 in 301 matches).

After the meeting with Brest, Christophe Galtier had words of praise for his number 10: “If today he has exceeded Pauleta and that he is having a good start to the season is that he puts a lot of seriousness and concentration into his work. He is very invested. Both on a personal level but also for his partners and for the interest of the team. He is a great professional. I knew he was a great player but he is a great professional whom I discover with pleasure every day. » On his side, Neymar Jr continues to chain high-flying performances with its sights set on world Cup to Qatar with the selection of Brazil.

The Ile-de-France daily also returns to the complicated performance of Presnel Kimpembe to Princes Park. However, until the 70th minute of play, the match of the French international was rather calm in the face of the offensive weakness of the Brest Stadium. But he ended up conceding “a funny mistake” on Noah Fadiga in his penalty area and received a yellow card. Fortunately for the PSG, Gigio Donnarumma relaxed to deflect the penalty fromIslam Slimani. Especially the Tweety conceded his team’s last three penalties in L1, according to a data Opta. Another sequence that made people talk at the end of the match, his uncontrolled tackle on Irvin Cardona which could have been worth a second yellow card, synonymous with exclusion. Then the evening captain “severely pushed back the referee’s arm (…) If this stroke of blood is perhaps explained by the pain he felt and the prospect of injury, it is hardly excusable. » In a post-match press conference, the Brest coach, Michel Der Zakariandid not like the referee’s decision, as he explained: “When he tackles, I’m not saying he made an attack, but he takes the shoe of Cardona. The noise, everyone has heard it and it doesn’t even whistle fault. Yes, he must take a box. Minimum one yellow. And he’s outside. If it’s us, we’re out. » Now the PSG will have to compose without its central defender for the next two matches due to a hamstring injury. He will also be suspended for receiving OGC Nice on the return from the international break, due to an accumulation of yellow cards.

  • PSG player ratings (The Parisian): Donnarumma 7 – Ramos 7, Danilo 6.5, Kimpembe 5 – Hakimi 5.5, Vitinha 6.5, Verratti 7, Bernat 6 – Messi 8, Mbappé 5.5, Neymar 7.5

Finally, The Telegram believes that the Brest Stadium deserved a better result from his trip to Paris this Saturday. Beaten by a single small goal from PSG, “the people of Brest finally left frustrated with Paris. » However, a first turning point in the game could have taken place half an hour into the game with the big foul and the red card of Christophe Herelle on Neymar Jr, finally signaled in an offside position after consulting the VAR. Despite a disallowed goal for Kylian Mbappe and a pole Lionel Messithe people of Brest “were able to rise to the occasion” as in the draw against Olympique de Marseille (1-1), notes the regional daily. Possessing the 19th defense in L1 before kick-off, the SB29 could fear the worst against the best attack in the championship and a burning attacking trio, but ultimately the five-man defense put in place by Michel Der Zakarian gave some satisfaction, especially in the second half.

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