protective mother and inflexible agent, how Véronique Rabiot manages Adrien’s career

protective mother and inflexible agent, how Véronique Rabiot manages Adrien's career

Allowed to leave Juventus during the summer transfer window, Adrien Rabiot seemed close to joining Manchester United. Back in the media spotlight after failed talks with the Red Devils, his agent mother Véronique has added a new element to her reputation as a tough and feared negotiator.

A few days before the end of the transfer window in the main European championships, the clubs are still working to improve their workforce. Players looking for a new challenge are also looking to place themselves before the deadline and their advisers are trying to find a team capable of taking them to the next level.

And then there is Adrien Rabiot and his mother (and agent) Véronique. Announced on the departure of Juventus where he no longer serves as indisputable in the mind of Massimiliano Allegri, the French midfielder will not join Manchester United due to salary differences between the Red Devils and the tricolor clan. Above all, Véronique Rabiot would have been inflexible when negotiating the contract for the 27-year-old player. Anything but a surprise given the personality of the representative and the start of her son’s career.

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Véronique quickly put pressure on PSG to get Adrien to play

Quickly identified as a promising player during his training, Adrien Rabiot chained the training centers during his adolescence and in particular on the side of Créteil or Manchester City. Finally arrived at PSG, the young midfielder started there with the pros in 2012 at only 17 years old.

Anxious to see her son quickly make his mark in Ligue 1, Véronique Rabiot favored a departure on loan to Toulouse. Gradually gaining playing time despite the tough competition in the midfield, the Frenchman will finally be a little sidelined after an aborted transfer to Italy and the first tensions around an extension.

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A little tense moments where Véronique Rabiot unsurprisingly held a prominent place, not failing to share her criticism or questions about Adrien’s career and place in the Parisian club. As early as 2015, she demanded an exit voucher to guarantee regular playing time for the young midfielder. “How I regret the departure of Leonardo! It would take a former high-level footballer as sports director”, had then dropped the demanding representative in a projection intended for Olivier Létang.

A complicated end to the adventure in Paris

Véronique Rabiot finally agreed to a first extension at PSG until June 2019. But six months from the end of the contract, and when he was going to be free to negotiate with his courtiers, Adrien Rabiot drew the wrath of the sports director at the time Antero Henrique. By refusing to extend, to pocket a nice signing bonus abroad, the midfielder was blacklisted by the club.

“It’s absolutely not about the money and it has never been about the money with PSG. […] It’s very simple: Adrien wants to leave, the club doesn’t want to let him go,” complained agent Véronique.

Dismissed from the first team, the player had even brought the case before the authorities of French football to have him reinstated. Free party to Juventus, Adrien Rabiot was finally going to emancipate himself from France and take a new step in his career. Both sportingly and financially, the environment seemed to emerge a winner from its months-long showdown with PSG. The common history between the Ile-de-France club and the Rabiot clan ended definitively a few months later when, after a new legal procedure, this time before the Prud’hommes, Adrien Rabiot obtained the payment of an ethics bonus ( around 40,000 euros) that Paris did not want to pay him initially. Again, Véronique Rabiot was one of the major characters in this legal battle.

The sliding tackle at Le Graët after 2018

Quite tumultuous in the club, the career of Adrien Rabiot with the France team was also marked by a few upheavals and in particular on the sidelines of the 2018 World Cup. If today the environment seems to have a good chance of competing in the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, he was only among the 23 of Didier Deschamps in Russia. Above all, he had refused to remain available as a substitute in the event of injury a few days before the start of the competition. A strong choice which then earned a period away from the Blues for the Juventus player for almost two years. The opportunity for a new fierce defense of Véronique Rabiot for her footballer son. Noël Le Graët, the president of the FFF, had then paid the price.

“I had no contact with Mr. Le Graët. He did not speak to me, I did not speak to him. I did not ask anything. […] I have in no way spoken with him”, assured the mother of the midfielder of Juventus, who also manages the interests of the latter, in an interview granted in January 2020 to the channel L’Équipe.

The altercation with the Pogba and Mbappé clans at the Euro

Finally returned to the France team thanks to these fine performances in Serie A, Adrien Rabiot played Euro 2021 with the Blues. Used in different positions by the tricolor coach, the midfielder seemed to make a successful comeback and make people forget their small youthful mistakes of the past.

But frustrated by the end of the match for the France team and the elimination in the round of 16 against Switzerland, Véronique Rabiot still acted up.

With her frankness which has given rise to so many spades in the media, the mother and agent of the Turinese had a fight with the relatives of Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappé. At the first she reproached a kind of casualness and her loss of the ball detrimental on the equalizer of the Nati at 3-3.

In the second, yet a big star in the making of the Blues, Véronique Rabiot castigated a kind of sufficiency when hitting (and missing) the decisive shot on goal. The mother in the middle thus asked Wilfrid Mbappé, Kylian’s father, to reframe his son a little.

Véronique Rabiot assumes her “authoritarian” side

Given the not always obvious family situation (the illness and then the death of her husband), Véronique Rabiot multiplied on all fronts in order to best defend Adrien’s interests.

As sportingly as in the media, she does not regret this protection that she has put in place around the middle. Last March, the main interested party addressed the question of her role in the career of the Juve player.

“We haven’t forgiven him for anything. And that since he was 17. Everyone makes mistakes all their life. We don’t realize that footballers are teenagers when they start, that they have to grow up as than men, launched the mother and agent with West France. […] The image of the little boy to his mother does not reflect reality at all. I am an authoritarian person, it is true, my children have often reproached me for it. But not the one portrayed in the media.”

And to conclude on the idea that people have of her: “Where does this negative image come from? I think it’s linked to the fact that we don’t talk enough to journalists. So they break us. But I have thick leather. I have nothing to prove, we have nothing to prove. I don’t want to reveal myself and Adrien either.”

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