Profiles, dates, times, analysis: the Tour de France 2022 route under the microscope (1/3)

Profiles, dates, times, analysis: the Tour de France 2022 route under the microscope (1/3)


Date: Friday, July 1
Departure: Copenhagen
Arrival: Copenhagen
Distance: 13.2km
First departure time: 4:00 p.m.
Type: Individual Time Trial

Tour de France

For Alaphilippe, it’s no!


For the first time in five years and the start of Dusseldörf in 2017, the Tour will open with an individual time trial and should logically crown a pure exercise specialist. Completely flat, this first act will certainly multiply the turns in the Danish capital – and it will be necessary to be wary of it for the favorites – but nothing that should prevent the best riders in the world from competing for the first yellow jersey of this 2022 edition. should also establish a first hierarchy between the candidates for the final victory, even if it would be surprising to see favorites concede more than thirty seconds.

The profile of the 1st stage: 13km of chrono as an aperitif


When: Saturday July 2
Start: Roskilde
Arrival: Nyborg
Distance: 202.2km
Departure time: 12:35 p.m.
Type: Plain

It’s one of the flattest stages of this edition and yet it’s one of the most exciting on paper. Blame it on the presence in the final of the Grand Belt Bridge 21 km from the finish. If the road up to it presents few difficulties despite three climbs which will award the first polka dot jersey, the roads of the Great Belt (18 km long) will be highly exposed to the wind and curbs are more than likely on this end of the stage, where it will be impossible to hide and where positioning will be essential. The last three miles will be more sheltered and easier to set up for final packing. If the sprinters are still there. And be accompanied.

The profile of the 2nd stage: Watch out for the wind!


When: Sunday July 3
Departure: Vejle
Arrival: Sonderborg
Distance: 182km
Departure time: 1:15 p.m.
Type: Plain

For the third and final stage in Denmark, the scenario should be much more classic. The road to Sonderborg is certainly more “badly flat” than the day before but is not more difficult for all that. On the eve of the first day of rest, the sprinters will be keen to compete for a first real mass finish and it would be surprising to see them miss it, especially since they will probably have to wait until the 13th stage to find such an opportunity.

The profile of the 3rd stage: A sprint, for sure?


When: Tuesday, July 5
Departure: Dunkirk
Arrival: Calais
Distance: 171.5km
Departure time: 1:30 p.m.
Type: Valleys

Scenario more than undecided in sight. Between Dunkirk and Calais, it’s a fresh peloton that will find hilly terrain in the Boulonnais mountains. If most of the climbs are located far from the finish, like Mont Cassel placed after 30 km of racing, they will tire the bodies of the sprinters before a final in two stages, with the non-listed Mont de la Louve (1.9km at 4.8%) then the coast of Cap Blanc-Nez (4th cat, 1km at 7.2%). With a summit 11 km from the finish, it is an ideal opportunity for punchers to trap the most complete sprinters. But an arrival in more or less large committee remains possible. Provided that the wind does not also come to mingle with the game in the end.

The profile of the 4th stage: For the entry into France, sprint or breakaway?


When: Wednesday, July 6
Departure: Lille
Arrival: Arenberg-Porte du Hainaut
Distance: 157km
Departure time: 2 p.m.
Type: Plain with cobblestones

Four years later, the cobblestones are back on the Tour de France! If the 2018 stage had not created a real selection among the favourites, this 5th stage could well do more damage, because the recovery periods between the sectors will be much less important than usual on the Tour: ten of the eleven sectors and 18 of the 19.7km of the day are indeed concentrated in the last 57 kilometers of the stage. A substantial density which should hurt non-specialists, even if no sector will exceed 2,800m from the Erre sector to Wandignies-Hamage, 27.5km from the finish. A real stage for Flandriens, a real little hell for the overall favorites who will have everything to lose on the cobblestones of the North. Some may well lose the Tour at Arenberg.

The profile of the 5th stage: The day of the cobblestones and all the dangers


When: Thursday, July 7
Departure: Binche
Arrival: Longwy
Distance: 219.9km
Departure time: 12:15 p.m.
Type: Valleys

In Longwy, the riders of the Tour de France will find a final climb that they know well having already taken it during the last arrival in the Lorraine city, in 2017: the coast of the Religious (1.6km at 5.8% ). Five years ago, Peter Sagan had imposed himself there in an almost massive arrival, a scenario which this time seems improbable given the terrain offered before Longwy. Unlike 2017, the finale is not just about the final climb, with four climbs in the last 22 kilometers. The climb of Montigny-sur-Chiers (4th cat) and the 2.3km at 4.3% not listed should not pose a problem for the peloton, unlike the 800m at 12.3% of the coast of Pulventeux (3rd cat ), located 5km from the finish. A dynamic finale without downtime which could hold surprises after what will be the longest stage of this 2022 edition.

The profile of the 6th stage: The longest day


Date: Friday, July 8
Departure: Tomblaine
Arrival: The Beautiful Girls Super Board
Distance: 176.3km
Departure time: 1:15 p.m.
Type: Medium mountain

After the pitfalls of Denmark and the North of France, the Tour favorites will find much better known ground, with the arrival at the top of the Super Planche des Belles Filles, taken in this configuration for the first time in 2019 with the victory on a breakaway from Dylan Teuns. If the rest of the stage will offer only a minimum of difficulty, the climb will be enough in itself with its severe slopes (7km at 8.7%) and its passages at more than 20% in the final. New potential classic of the Grande Boucle, the Planche des Belles Filles has never disappointed so far, always creating a real selection among the favorites. Even more with its last kilometer on a dirt road to the Super Planche. An ideal opportunity for climbers trapped at the start of the week to start catching up.

The profile of the 7th stage: A Super Board not to be missed

Tour de France

Pedersen leader of Trek, Gallopin in the group


Tour de France

Pogacar with four regulars but without Hirschi to aim for the treble


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