Private visit of the hotel SO/ Paris, the new 5-star hotel in the capital that awakens the banks of the Seine

Private visit of the hotel SO/ Paris, the new 5-star hotel in the capital that awakens the banks of the Seine

We push the door of SO/ Paris, the new 5-star hotel in the capital that everyone is talking about, in the company of the architect Denis Montel of the RDAI agency, who signs the decor of this elegant place and 100% in sight .

It’s called SO/ Paris and it’s the new 5-star hotel in the capital that everyone is talking about. It is located in the young La Félicité district, at 17, boulevard Morland in Paris, in a monumental 16-storey building built in the 1960s, on the edge of the Seine, and formerly occupied by the Urbanism Department of the city of Paris, now located in the 13th. It hosts 162 rooms and suites nestled from 8e at 14e floor is above the rooftops of Paris. They all offer breathtaking views. Its high-perched restaurant on the 15th and 16th floors, Bonnie, is orchestrated by Paris Society. Side spa, the treatments are signed Maison Codage. This is what makes you dream! To get a preview of this extraordinary place, take a private tour with the architect Denis Montel, who heads the RDAI agency, to whom we owe the development of this superb address. The opportunity also to steal some decorative ideas for the house.

Rooms and suites

As soon as you enter, the rooms of SO / Paris are breathtaking! Gaelle le Boulicaut

“In terms of atmosphere, there are no fundamental differences between the bedrooms and the sequels. What changes is the space. But for the atmosphere, we have, everywhere, cultivated a homogeneous tone and real comfort. There is therefore a lot of wood, a material that brings a very warm : parquet floors in the entrances – and everywhere in the suites –, large paneling on which the bathrooms lean and dressing rooms, lacquered in squirrel color and covered with wooden laths.

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In the bedrooms, everything has been worked in semi-transparency to let light through and give a feeling of space. Gaelle le Boulicaut

We also thought about how to give a feeling of space. The bathrooms have thus been worked in semi-transparency; the dressing rooms are openwork. So there is no compartmentalization. And the fact that there is no closed perspective contributes to bring a very reassuring side. What is also central is the signature of these rooms and more generally of the hotel. This SO/ is the first in France. This brand of luxury hotels from the Ennismore group has addresses in Berlin, Bangkok, Havana, Singapore… But this is its first foray into France. And in a very Parisian place, facing the Seine, with an extraordinary view. To anchor the hotel in this environment, it first went through the colors, in a range that varies around three shades: a gray blue, a slightly intense orange and a yellow. If these colors bring tone, they are especially those which dominate the Parisian night when one looks at the Seine. Do the experiment, look for photos of Paris at night and you will see these colors in the images! To underline this choice, we worked a lot on thelighting, totally indirect and hidden. When we turn on the evening, we find the same lights as outside. The games of mirrors add a little more. And we went further by imagining an interlocking of the volumes which makes it possible to create perspectives, to frame the views which, everywhere, are breathtaking and to enhance the many windows – there are at least 2 in the bedrooms and up to 10 in sequences – like arrays. For this, we have created entries at volumes lower than the bedroom ones, accentuated by a monochromatic orange-brown ceiling and parquet flooring. This creates a framing effect that opens outward.

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Fun and chic

Window and copper mosaic give the bathrooms a warm elegance. Gaelle le Boulicaut

Every detail has been thought out with this in mind. Thus, in the bathrooms, we used a tiny mosaic in coppery glass paste which vibrates and sparkles. For the furniture, we played the one-upmanship card a bit with massive furniture like big ones. armchairs but also with parts nomads like the mobile coffee tables whose top can become a tray for breakfast in bed, leather pouches that hang on the wall, there is even a classic storage unit that, like a trolley, can be moves along the wall. It’s playful and chic, full of tricks. »

Massive and comfortable armchairs are associated with nomadic elements such as leather pouches, trolleys, tables with removable trays. Gaelle le Boulicaut

The decorative idea to sting : nomadic and multifunctional furniture is a real plus in a small apartment: coffee table-tray; bed chair; trolley: console-desk… Brands are offering more and more clever furniture.

The lobby

Games of mirrors, posts dressed in plaster corollas, concrete benches… The many constraints linked to the building have catalysed the creativity of the RDAI agency. Gaelle le Boulicaut

“The building that hosts SO/ Paris is a tower, what we call “a high-rise building” and this involves many constraints in terms of evacuation, fire prevention… In the lobby, this limited drastically the materials we could use to steel, glass and concrete. Not very sexy in appearance! But we took advantage of it. The walls have been clad in large slabs of bevelled cognac glass. These are embellished with a motif inspired by the geometry of the stone foundations of Haussmann buildings. Because, in this lobby, it was also essential to breathe a Parisian signature. It is found on the ground, with a terrazzo that takes up the “peacock tail” pattern, a kind of rounded triangle that is a classic of the capital’s pavings. These Parisian references, even subliminal, inscribe the hotel in its history. The use of glass also allowed us to remedy the narrowness of the lobby which, in the end, is not very big compared to the size of the hotel. It has something of a large hallway and these glass tiles, thanks to the reflections, make it possible to multiply it by 2, by 3… It seems that the space is expanding: it’s quite amusing! Another constraint encountered in the lobby: the presence of 8 reinforced concrete posts, which were not aligned, and which could not be knocked down. We inserted them into plaster cylinders, with slightly different dimensions, which allow us to recreate an alignment. They are worked in the upper part like flower petals. It gives a vaulted, almost organic feel. Adding a mirror allows these elements to “bounce” off the walls. All this is accompanied by concrete and marble furnishings, including concrete benches with a sculptural line. We placed on it leather patties to make them comfortable. This use of concrete with the addition of a chic and warm touch shows that you can turn an unloved material into an asset. Finally, we must speak of the “background” of this lobby where a huge decor catches the eye as soon as you arrive, which seems to be an arrangement in wood. However, these are patinated metal plates that reproduce level curves! When we designed the project, we consulted many archives on this district which was once an island, Louviers Island, and we discovered engravings with contour lines which were used to create this abstract and sculptural element.

Recall the nearby Seine

Graphic common thread, concentric circles inspired by the waves made by a pebble thrown into the water, welcome the visitor. Gaelle le Boulicaut

There is another understated geometric figure featured throughout the hotel, notably in the elevators, some light fixtures and, of course, on the vast front door. They are large concentric circles: we designed them thinking of the waves created by a pebble thrown into the water. It is also a way of recalling the presence of the nearby Seine.

The decorative idea to sting : Remember to always combine a “poor” material with a more chic one. A plastic stool is transformed with a leather pad placed on its seat. We can push the trick further. Thus, a piece of plywood furniture can be enhanced by placing beautiful ceramics on it, a designer light fixture, etc.

The spa

Wood and an emerald green palette for spa cabins full of serenity. Gaelle le Boulicaut

“It is quite modest in size with a reception point, two cabins and a hammam. We imagined it in a relative continuity of the rooms. If we dropped our range color “Paris by night” for emerald greens; the light is always indirect and enveloping. The wooden cladding in the vestibule, the floor tiles which look like old ones but are contemporary, bring a very natural and warm side. The cabins are lacquered in emerald green with a wooden wall with a sliding wall that allows the most technical parts and accessories to be concealed. The minimal decor includes nomadic details such as leather-wrapped bars to put your bathrobe or towel on.”

The curvaceous steam room is dressed in tiny 5mm x 5mm mosaic tiles. Gaelle le Boulicaut

The hammam is more fun, entirely covered with 5 mm x 5 mm micromosaics. Thanks to their very small format, they allowed us to dress up this space with all its curves and bring a bubble side”.

The decorative idea to sting : Discreet and elegant, the bars – mostly sheathed in leather – hung on the wall, or on feet, are perfect “storage” options for a bathroom or a toilet.

And also…Bonnie

Bonnie, restaurant side. Romain Ricard

The interior design of Bonnie, restaurant, bar and club, was entrusted to the Notoire agency. On the bar side, the gaze goes to the Bastille or stops on the library of mirrors, the black stone bar and its marble counter. We do not see the time pass, installed in the long canapes and woolen bouclé armchairs.

Bonnie, bar side. Romain Ricard

The club, with its sofas clay colorits bubble lamps, its chrome tables and its bar in backlit glass pavement offers a stunning view of the Seine.

Bonnie, club side. Romain Ricard

Just like the restaurant whose atmosphere is thus described by Jordane Arrivetz, founder of the Notoire agency: spatial and kaleidoscopicOlafur Eliasson and the elegant and festive spirit of Paris Society. The 1960s, when the building was built, inspired our story. A period of glory and emancipation for women, and an echo of the Cardin style…»

So / Paris, 10, rue Agrippa d’Aubigné, 75004 Paris.


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