Princess Maria Laura wears the Savoie-Aosta tiara at her wedding, in memory of her grandmother

Princess Maria Laura wears the Savoie-Aosta tiara at her wedding, in memory of her grandmother

On September 10, 2022, Princess Maria Laura of Belgium married civilly and religiously to William Isvy. The bride wore a tailor-made Vivienne Westwood dress and the Savoy-Aosta tiara in memory of her grandmother, who died this year.

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Princess Maria Laura chose the Savoy-Aosta tiara for her wedding

The choice of the tiara that Princess Maria Laura was going to wear at her wedding was one of the best kept secrets. In the early afternoon of September 10, the mystery arose when the bride-to-be arrived at the foot of the steps of the Cathedral of Saints Michael and Gudula, on the arm of her father Archduke Lorenz d Austria-Este.

Princess Maria Laura of Belgium and her husband, William Isvy leaving the cathedral (Photo: Abacapress)

Princess Maria Laura has chosen to pay tribute to her grandmother, her father’s mother, Princess Margherita of Savoy-Aosta, who died at the start of 2022. The Savoy-Aosta diadem is one of the jewels that Princess Astrid, the mother of the bride, was already in the habit of regularly borrowing from her stepmother.

Princess Maria Laura with the Savoie-Aosta tiara (Photo: Albert Nieboer/DPA/ABACAPRESS)

royal stories, in a previous article, had bet on the diadem of Savoy-Aosta as the first choice for marriage. The Belgian royal family’s casket of tiaras is quite light and it was almost certain that Princess Maria Laura will enjoy this advantage of having a dual membership. She belongs to the Belgian royal family on the maternal side and to the Austrian imperial family on the paternal side.

Princess Maria Laura wears the tiara inherited from her father’s maternal family (Photo: Abacapress)
Princess Maria Laura of Belgium wore her grandmother Margherita’s Savoy-Aosta tiara (Image: Histoires Royales)

This tiara was used by members of the royal family of Italy from the branch of the Dukes of Aosta. The first to appear in a photo with this tiara is Princess Anne of Orléans, daughter of the Duke of Guise. In 1927 Princess Anne married Prince Amédée of Savoy-Aosta, appointed Viceroy of Ethiopia by Mussolini in 1937.

Princess Astrid wears the Savoy tiara at the wedding gala of Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg in 2012 (Photo: Patrick van Katwijk/DPA/ABACAPRESS.COM)

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Princess Anne lent her tiara to several Italian princesses, cousins ​​of her husband. Princess Margherita, Princess Anne’s eldest daughter, inherited the tiara on her mother’s death in 1986, which she had already borrowed from her mother to attend the wedding of King Baudouin and Queen Fabiola in 1960. King Baudouin is also the nephew of Queen Marie-José of Italy.

Princess Margherita had married in 1953 Archduke Robert, one of the sons of the last Emperor Charles 1st of Austria. Margherita and Robert are Lorenz’s parents. Lorenz and Astrid married in 1984 and Princess Margherita did not yet have her mother’s tiara, who died two years later.

Princess Astrid wears the Savoie-Aosta tiara during the State banquet organized in Brussels during the visit of President Emmanuel Macron in November 2018. Queen Mathilde wears the tiara of the Nine Provinces in its bandeau version. (Photo: Abacapress)

The diadem set with diamonds has scroll and leaf motifs. The central part rises higher from opening flowers and leaves. This tiara is in the first position of the possibilities offered to Maria Laura because it is the most worn tiara by Princess Astrid. Also, Princess Margherita of Savoy-Aosta has died at the beginning of this year. His disappearance truly upset the whole family and it could be a beautiful tribute from his granddaughter.

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