Prince Harry and Prince William: these 45 minutes of negotiations before their surprise appearance

Prince Harry and Prince William: these 45 minutes of negotiations before their surprise appearance

It was one of the highlights of the last few days. The appearance of princes William and Harry, welded, to go and greet the sympathizers. Behind this moment of union, however, hides a long sequence of negotiations that could taint the family picture.

The two brothers back? The sequence of this Saturday, September 10 was warmly welcomed, and more than anything appreciated by the English. A few hours after the coronation of Charles III, William and Harry appeared together, alongside Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, to greet well-wishers and admire the flowers, placards and other tributes to the queen in front of Windsor Castle.

A suspended moment, which many have long awaited. It must be said that the images warm the hearts, and blur a little more the different precedents that the two brothers had. William, now Prince of Wales, and Harry appeared welded and united in pain, alongside their wives who also play a very important role in this perfect-looking family picture.

45 minute negotiations

However, even if the images are most symbolic and touching, there is a small “but” in history. Indeed, the Times reported that his reunion in the form of public reconciliations, only took place after long negotiations. Which also led to a 45 minute delay at the arrival of William and Harry in front of Windsor Castle.

It was the brand new Prince of Wales, William, who agreed to this walk, and who invited Harry and Meghan to join him and Kate. A royal source said of this: The Prince of Wales invited the Duke and Duchess to join him and the Princess of Wales. The Prince of Wales thought it was a major show of unity at an incredibly difficult time for the family.” The same source added, however, that protracted negotiations preceded the arrival of the two brothers, resulting in a 45-minute delay.

An arranged reconciliation?

This new information could therefore raise questions about the sincerity and the truth behind these famous public reconciliations. Were the negotiations on the order of the organization, to know how the walk would take place, or of personal order, in order to know if Harry and Meghan also agreed to appear publicly with William and Kate in a united and united way?

Many questions arise, but it is certain that this latest information slightly taints the smooth and perfect family picture that the two brothers and their wives offered us yesterday. Recall that the two couples were last photographed at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, where they attended Thanksgiving celebrations. Meghan and Harry were present there, but were however not allowed to appear there publicly.

It would therefore seem that the road is still long before arriving at real reconciliations between the two brothers. Let’s hope for them that the storm does eventually pass.

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