Prime Video: the programs not to miss in July 2022

Prime Video: the programs not to miss in July 2022


Prime Video is attacking the summer by betting big on big movies, from Parasite at The Lost City of Z Passing by Phantom Thread. But the event series of the month is The Terminal Listmuscle action with Chris Pratt.

After a month of June driven mainly by The BoysPrime Video returns to routine by broadcasting a series that promises to be much more minor: The Terminal List, with Chris Pratt. We will be curious to discover some promising projects such as don’t make me goa family drama with John Cho, or the series Paper Girlsderived from the comic of the same name.

But above all, July will be a month of cinema on Prime, with many excellent feature films to come throughout the month: Parasite, Phantom Thread, Split, lady bird, chicken run, The Incorruptibles or The Lost City of Za James Gray a little too little known for our taste, while he is close to the heights of the genre.

Don't make me go on Prime Video

don’t make me go.

© Amazon Prime Video

Event of the month: The Terminal ListJuly 1

If there’s one thing SVoD platforms like Netflix or Prime Video love, it’s testosterone action movies or series with big stars at the top of the bill. Last born of its kind at Amazon, The Terminal List features the inevitable Chris Pratt as a navy seal back home after an operation gone wrong. Shaken by the event, the soldier struggles to remember the exact sequence of events, to the point of asking serious questions about his degree of guilt in this story. He will quickly understand that he is being targeted by superior forces that could well endanger him and his loved ones. A pitch very far from original, but some series like jack reacher proved that the exercise could be successful if the whole is well executed. At the controls of this series, we find the experienced Antoine Fuqua.

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We are curious: don’t make me gothe 15th of July

We don’t know about you, but we love them. road trips Americans in the form of an initiatory journey, Little Miss Sunshine. It is no coincidence that we find one of the producers at the origin of the latter behind don’t make me go, so much the atmosphere of the two films seems close. Here, however, we only follow a father and his daughter. The first, sick, takes the latter on a trip, to meet her mother whom she had never seen. Beyond these reunions, he intends to instill in his offspring everything they need to know if the worst ever happens. The John Cho / Mia Isaac duo looks very promising, with an alchemy worthy of this kind of film and a story that promises to be particularly touching.

We will be happy to see: The Lost City of Zthe 15th of July

Another exciting sub-genre, the jungle film, in which the characters are most often driven mad by their epic journey into the unknown, brings together a slew of excellent films like Apocalypse Now, Aguirre, the wrath of God or, more recently, Onoda. The Lost City of Z is a proud representative of this type of work mixing extreme conditions, psychological excesses and inexhaustible faith in the final discovery. James Gray’s feature film tells the story of Percy Fawcett, an English explorer who set out to find a lost city in the heart of the Amazon, at the very beginning of the 20th century. As often, the adventure is not the only interest of this story. The Lost City of Z narrates the destiny of a man wanting to cleanse the honor of his family, even if it means moving away dangerously, but also the addiction to the adrenaline of discovery, which makes explorers melancholy as soon as they move away from the jungle. Carried by Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson, the film is fascinating from start to finish, and magnificently directed by a James Gray in top form.

And besides that ?

releases of the month on Prime Video

July releases on Prime Video.

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And also

  • Tagsaction comedy starring Jeremy Renner and Ed Helms – July 1
  • geostormdisaster film – July 1
  • happy birthdaycomedy horror – July 1
  • The incorruptiblescrime thriller starring Kevin Costner and Sean Connery – July 4
  • hollywoocomedy with Florence Foresti – July 8
  • Shadow in the Cloudaction/war with Chloë Grace Moretz – July 8
  • Jacky in the kingdom of girlscomedy by Riad Sattouf – July 8
  • Marseillescomedy by and with Kad Merad – July 11
  • The blow of the centuryAmerican comedy – July 18
  • dogcanine action comedy from and starring Channing Tatum – July 22

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