Paul Pogba case: “The other problems …”, the player breaks the silence

Paul Pogba case: "The other problems ...", the player breaks the silence

After several weeks of silence, Paul Pogba broke the silence this Tuesday, September 6. In a video posted on his social networks, the French footballer gave news after having knee surgery. He also agreed to quickly discuss the legal case between him and his brother, Mathias.

Hi everyone, it’s the Pickaxe“. Entangled for several weeks in a case of extortion and maraboutage, Paul Pogba spoke for the first time this Tuesday, September 6. The Juventus Turin player is first returned to his knee injury and his choice to have surgery just two months before the World Cup in Qatar, where France will put their title on the line.”I hope that you all are ok. I’m alright, the operation went very well. We will recover, we will come back very very soon”he assured, after suffering a “arthroscopic selective external meniscectomy“.

But it is especially on what is now called “the Pogba affair” that the French footballer was expected. And after thanking the people who support him, the star of the Blues agreed to briefly discuss the subject. “Know that mentally it’s okay despite all the worries, despite the injury and the other problems. We keep our heads up, we are never alone. We will move forward. In any case, a big thank you to all for your messengers and your support. We always smile”he said in the video.

Paul Pogba admits having given money to a marabout

As a reminder, Paul Pogba claims to be the victim of attempted extortion, which would be carried out by some of his relatives, including his older brother, Mathias. To shed light on this case, investigations are being carried out by two investigating judges. In addition, the Paris prosecutor’s office opened, Friday, September 2, 2022, a judicial investigation into the extortion denounced by the player. In this case, Mathias also assured that his little brother had called on a marabout to cast a spell on Kylian Mbappe and make it less efficient. Charges that the footballer denies as a whole. During a hearing with investigators last August, and reported by France Info, Paul Pogba would have admitted having paid money to a marabout, but not for the purpose denounced by his brother. According to him, this money was intended for a humanitarian association which helps children in Africa, this “that he has the means to prove”indicate our colleagues, who were able to consult the minutes.

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