Patrick Juvet: the terrible confidences of his sister Nancy on the last years of the singer

Patrick Juvet: the terrible confidences of his sister Nancy on the last years of the singer

More than a year after the death of Patrick Juvet, his sister confided in her last months. Devastated by the disappearance of his mother, the singer was no longer happy.

The king of disco died on April 1, 2021. At 70, Patrick Juvet died in his Barcelona apartment from heart failure, as revealed by his relatives after obtaining the results of his autopsy. His last years, the singer spent them far from France, from Switzerland where he was born and from the spotlights which he nevertheless loved very much. According to his sister Nancy, who confided in Gala this Thursday, August 18, Patrick Juvet was devastated since the death of his mother, “the woman of his life” and being unable to perform on stage due to the coronavirus pandemic. “He was having a hard time aging. He could no longer bear to see himself in mirrors. It was a wound”, says the sister of the interpreter of Where are the women. After the death of their mother, Nancy “afraid” for his brother.

“We accompanied him as best we could, but a mother who leaves is always too early, regardless of her age”, she remembered, very moved. And to add that the last months of life of Patrick Juvet “were what they were” : “He appreciated this anonymity which allowed him to live like everyone else, to be only Patrick”. This sadness he felt, his friend Amanda Lear had already mentioned after the announcement of his tragic disappearance. “He had retired to Spain, because France was sulking a bit. We saw each other the last time there. He was no longer drinking. He told me that he was trying to get by (… ) He was a prisoner of his hits of the timeshe told AFP. He had to sing ‘I Love America’ and ‘Where are the women?’. We didn’t ask him anything else when he had recorded lots of other songs (…) He was not very happy.

Patrick Juvet: where was he buried?

His friend, Michel Dami, indicated that Patrick Juvet “had a weak heart, damaged by excessive alcohol consumption”. For years already, the singer had to fight against his demons and to treat himself for his alcoholism. “Since the disappearance of his mother, he called me sometimes, drunk, in the middle of the night, told Michel Dami in the columns of Paris Match. White in the morning, then red, rarely strong alcohols.” After the death of Patrick Juvet, a cremation of his body took place in Spain, in the intimacy of the family, with in particular the presence of the sister of Patrick Juvet but also of his niece. His ashes were repatriated to Switzerland, the country of birth of the singer, where a tribute ceremony took place.

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