Patrick Fiori: his touching revelations on the retirement of Jean-Jacques Goldman “Trapped by nothing”

Patrick Fiori

On Saturday August 2, Nikos Aliagas welcomed singer Patrick Fiori for an interview. The singer and juror in “The Voice Kids” was the portrait of the week of “50 Minutes Inside”. During this interview, the father went back on his journey. He made of rare secrets about her relationship with a certain Jean-Jacques Goldman. A friend and collaborator that Patrick Fiori greatly admires.

“He has an extra soul”

The general public knew Patrick Fiori thanks to the musical ” Notre Dame of Paris “. According to the confidences of the singer, the success of show was unexpected. He tells Nikos Aliagas that the radios didn’t want the musical.

It was only when Monique Le Marcis decided to play the song ” Beautiful “ on RTL that things have changed. Musical comedy triumphed. The song ” Beautiful “ was voted song of the year.

This allowed Patrick Fiori to gain notoriety which has continued to evolve till today. Since 1999, the singer was among the members of the participants of the charity concert ” The bastards “.

Thanks to this participation, he was able to TO DO one of the meetings that allowed his success in his musical career. Patrick Fiori has befriended Jean-Jacques Goldman. Together they co-wrote songs.

In 2005, they sang a duet in the song “Four Words on a Piano”. The song pranced and all other albums by Patrick Fiori who came out have been a resounding success. So far, the two artists have worked together nearly 24 times.

” He [Jean-Jacques Goldman, NDLR] trusted me right away, and he has that extra bit of soul. He got me through all the storms”, says Patrick Fiori in “50 Minutes Inside”.

Patrick Fiori admires the instinct of the singer

During the interview, the singer returned to the musical retirement of Jean-Jacques Goldman. According to him, the interpreter of ” Not you “ would be someone who knows how to summarize. Patrick Fiori explains that the two artists did not the same ways to talk about a song idea.

“He will look for another link, he will look for something else to come back and give me what I wanted to tell without betraying me,” he explained.

Patrick Fiori adds that Jean-Jacques Goldman is ” a boss “. The artist would be an instinctive feel things happen. Ariane Quatrefages’ husband continues his remarks by joking that JJ Goldman might have smelled ADSL and the Internet.

“He felt everything that happens to us there, social networks. Maybe he felt it all. continues the 52-year-old star.

According to the former companion of Lara Fabian, Jean-Jacques Goldman retired at the right time. This one would be “trapped by nothing” and “free from everything”. Indeed, the star of the 80s is now far from the spotlight.

He also feels free to write texts for his friends whenever he wants. Moreover, Patrick Fiori owes the composition of the song “People We Love” to JJ Goldman. There’s no doubt the father-of-two admires and is grateful to his friend.

Patrick Fiori more dad than artist?

Patrick Fiori also spoke about his role as a coach in “The Voice Kids”. He even mentioned his son Sevan who was born in 2009. Nikos Aliagas showed the performance of a young candidate to his guest.

According to the expression of Patrick Fiori, the talent of the young boy amazed the singer. The facilitator then says that it is the dad he sees looking at the tablet and not the artist.

“They want to sing, they want to play, they want lots of stuff…” replied Patrick Fiori.

The latter is discreet about his personal life. He wants to protect his family and especially his media children. However, Patrick Fiori does not seem against the idea that his children participate in the musical program. He is even ready to give up his role as coach.

“Don’t take me. Take someone else, I send my kids, he said to Nikos Aliagas.

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