Paire feels ‘loathing for tennis’ but gets help from shrink and hypnotist

Paire feels 'loathing for tennis' but gets help from shrink and hypnotist

Benoit Paire held a round before collapsing against Quentin Halys on Monday in the first round of the Wimbledon tournament in London (6-4, 1-6, 2-6, 4-6). After his defeat, the tricolor tennis player shared his discomfort and confirmed receiving psychological help to get better and find pleasure on the court.

Falling back to 73rd in the world, Benoit Paire is experiencing an unprecedented period of doubt. With only five victories on the ATP circuit in 2022, the Frenchman can no longer do it and recounted his ordeal after another defeat in the first round of Wimbledon on Monday against his compatriot Quentin Halys (6-4, 1-6, 2-6, 4-6).

“I’m just saying that on the court I have a disgust for tennis. It’s like that and that’s why my autonomy has been very short. Since Roland-Garros I had to play three and a half hours of tennis , maybe, in all. So it’s not a lot to prepare for a Grand Slam but as soon as I set foot on a court I wanted to run away. So there was no point in going there and I preferred enjoy my friends and family a little bit, ask me a lot of questions.”

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Paire thinks of quitting in 2023 (if it doesn’t get better)

At the bottom of the abyss physically, the fault of a lack of physical preparation and training, Benoit Paire is especially badly mentally. To the point that if things don’t improve, he plans to say stop in 2023.

“That’s why at that time I took people to surround me. And try to find solutions to the fact that tennis is the sport that I love the most in the world and that “Right now it’s the sport I hate the most, said the 33-year-old player to the press. We have to find these solutions and even if it’s not for now it will be for the next year. If it’s not next year, I’ll quit and I have much more interesting things to do on the side as well. Everything will be positive no matter what.”

“Not necessarily happy in my life at the moment”

To try to get better, the Avignonnais chose to be surrounded by specialists. From now on, a psychologist and a hypnotist will support him and help him find ways to get better.

“These people with me are a shrink and a hypnotist too. I see several people to try to get a little better. It’s true that I’m not necessarily happy in my life at the moment, launched the one had reached the 18th rank in the world in 2016. On a court I take even less pleasure than in my life so that’s why I wanted to take a break to find a taste for this sport. I liked it and now I hate it. It’s just hard to be in that state when you’re on the court.”

And to clarify on the idea of ​​taking a break from tennis: “I will work and try again to see these people to discuss and try to find clicks for it to come back. Finally tennis I have always loved so why is- what overnight it scares me so much? I don’t know and that’s why I see them, why I argue. Today I think it was a little bit better than in Milan last week. After that I don’t play tennis at all so I’m not trained, I’m not physically ready. But I’m trying to find solutions and I’ll do my best to get better as soon as possible. And if it’s not this year, it’ll be next year.”

Perhaps a return to the Challenger or to Gstaad “with the family”

Present at Wimbledon, where no points will be distributed by the ATP due to the absence of Russian players, Benoit Paire admitted to playing “an exhibition” there with “a lot of money” at stake. For the rest, the Frenchman does not yet know when he will play again.

“Not the second week of Wimbledon, that’s for sure, dropped Benoit Paire with a bit of self-mockery. I have more interesting things to do. After that maybe Verona in Challenger. Maybe that’ll be it or maybe Gstaad. There I’ll go with my family so I’ll go no matter what but I’ll see. I’m not worrying too much at the moment. I’m just trying to enjoy life and feel good. I’m better when I’m off the court so it’s not bad after all.”

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