our tips for pre-ordering the right version

our tips for pre-ordering the right version

Before 2023 and the restyling of its best-selling Clio and Captur, Renault already has its work cut out for it in 2022 with the launch of its new Austral. Revealed in the spring, the successor to the Kadjar has the heavy mission of tickling the Peugeot 3008 and taking over a C5 Aircross that is no longer young but also restyled and still in the game. To do this, the Austral has already brought together the right ingredients, with a style that easily makes you forget its predecessor and a technological content that is now more advanced than the competitors.. The Renault compact SUV adds to this increased family skills compared to the Kadjar, with a sliding bench seat as standard. And, except accident, the road services of this Austral should not disappoint. It remains for Renault to reveal the prices, which we will only know in September. However, if the Austral is already part of your choice, know that pre-orders just opened today.

€500: no definitive purchase, but a priority

For €500, you can now put an option on the Austral of your choice. Unsurprisingly, the finishes take up the latest names at Renault: balance, techno and iconic, the last two being able to be “upgraded” in the Alpine spirit (pictured here), with specific bodywork finishes and elements. Other information to remember, the two Alpine-style atmospheres do not include 4-wheel steering as standard.Renault’s secret weapon to offer its Austral road handling at least as dynamic as the Peugeot 3008 reference. It will therefore be necessary to pay an additional check, around €1,500, to benefit from this “active” chassis.

Beforehand, be aware that the €500 “deposit” is not synonymous with compulsory purchase, but simply allow you to be contacted in priority to specify and finalize the order when the Austral arrives at your nearest dealer.e. At any time, you can therefore withdraw without losing a single euro. Advantage if you confirm the purchase later, you will logically be among the first delivered.

Interior of the Renault Austral with the two 12-inch screens.
Interior of the Renault Austral with the two 12-inch screens.© Alex Krassovsky

Which version of the Renault Austral to pre-order?

If you want to position yourself, in our opinion, avoid the entry-level equilibre. The 17-inch rims do not mar the look of the Austral too much and may even benefit comfort, but the “only” 9-inch screen stands out in this family SUV. What’s more, it is not compatible with Google Automotive, precisely one of the real strong points of this SUV finally on the digital interface side.

By opting for the techno finish that we recommend, you automatically benefit from 12-inch multimedia, automatic lights and wipers, adaptive cruise control with lane keeping, panel recognition, LED lights or mixed leather/fabric upholstery. On the engine side, you have to put an option on the 130 hp mild hybrid advanced engine. This is the new 3-cylinder 1.2 turbo micro-hybridization 48V. If your wallet is more extensive, you can also opt for the new E-Tech 160, which uses the same 3-cylinder by combining it with a 68 hp electric motor. Before finalizing your purchase, take the time to read the reports of the first tests which will take place at the end of the summer, then to try for yourself, but in view of the CO2 values ​​announced (123 g/km for the 130 hp and 107 g/km for the E-Tech 160), these engines promise great sobriety.

More powerful engine, the E-Tech 200 is only available on the three highest finishes. Technically identical to the E-Tech 160 but by pushing the sliders a little on the power side, it should not however offer much more performance. On the other hand, if your eyes are immediately on a high finish, we recommend it against the mild hybrid 160which is none other than the same traction chain as that of the Arkana and therefore has nothing to do with the E-Tech 160 despite having a similar power.

Summary of available engines

Engine balance tech Alpine spirit techno iconic iconic Alpine spirit
Engine130 hp 48V balanceyes techyes Alpine spirit technoNope iconicNope iconic Alpine spiritNope
Engine160 hp 12V balanceNope techyes Alpine spirit technoyes iconicyes iconic Alpine spiritNope
EngineHybrid 160 hp balanceNope techyes Alpine spirit technoNope iconicNope iconic Alpine spiritNope
EngineHybrid 200 hp balanceNope techNope Alpine spirit technoyes iconicyes iconic Alpine spirityes

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