Opinion of the trainers for the Quinté of Wednesday August 17, 2022

avis entraîneurs et jockey pour le Quinté PMU

Interviews with the coaches for the Prix du Pont de l’Alma at Enghien-Soisy

Andre LeCourtois: Noble Foxtrot (1) is good. I’ve been happy with his behavior on the grass lately. He is good and has a very good entry. He performs well when he only has three hundred meters to go to finish. He’s a sprinter. He will therefore need a good run. If all goes well, I think he has a first chance.

Stephane Meunier: Eva Madrik (2) has just taken third place in a similar event. She stayed on top and again inherited a good number behind the autostart. Franck Ouvrie found her a little light in her gaits to finish recently. It will be, this time, provided with plates in front. Everything is therefore in place for it to finish in the fifth.

Louis Baudouin: Europa of Chenu (3) is quite funny, having already amassed a lot of gains and evolving at an interesting level. It will undoubtedly be at the arrival of the fifth. We are aiming for a third or fourth place. It is absolutely necessary to hide it until the start of the straight.

Matthew Abrivard: Fabulous Dream (4) sometimes wants to do too much and is mistaken in its paces. He is still at his best and faces a favorable entry. He inherited a good number. I’m probably going to install it at the command and let it unfold. I’m going to give him a reins. If he doesn’t mess up, he’ll finish on the podium.

Laurent Verva: Diego du Houlet (5) got stuck on the straight in the key race, despite having plenty of resources. He wouldn’t have hit far. He stayed on top and found similar conditions. He inherited a good number and Sébastien Ernault knows him very well. I would be disappointed if he did not finish in the fifth.

Gregoire Houel: French Way of Life (6) now has two runs in her legs after being arrested. I expected a little better, recently at Pornichet, where she would have taken sixth place without a fault at the end. She may still be missing a race, but I can’t let such a great entry go by. Entrusted to Yoann Lebourgeois, it should not be neglected.

Sylvain Roger: Dollar Fire (7) is in good shape, having recovered well from his last victorious outing on the climb. She finds a good commitment on the trot, hoping to have a good number (Editor’s note she inherited the 7). We now know that we must hide it. She has a very quick end to finish. I expect good behavior.

Jeremy Koubiche: Emencourt Bléquin (8) did not benefit from a very good race recently at Compiègne. Previously, on this course, he had inherited number 15. On Wednesday, he was forced to start outside, when he has no room for maneuver at this level. His task promises to be complicated, especially since he will remain on the rails.

Vincent Martens: Elmagnifico de Lou (9) has big health problems, but every time he comes back. He’s a real warrior, a classy horse. He recovered well. He doesn’t do much in the morning but has remained flexible. Number 9 is average for this horse which has a great action. If he gets out of his inside position safely, he should be in the right combination again.

Alexis Popot: Espresso Good (10) ran very well recently at Cabourg, where it only found the opening late. He remained at his best and discovered a favorable entry. He had behaved well behind the autostart, in September 2021 at Vincennes, even if he could not avoid the fault to finish. After a good run, he should interfere in the fifth.

Marius Coignard: Fynio du Pommereux (11) ran very well last time. It’s all about the course, because it depends on how the race unfolds. It is imperative to hide the effort from him and that he be brought back. He inherited a good number on the second line. It is a pattern of regularity. If it goes well, his place is in the top five.

Philippe Daugeard: Drop of Colleville (12) always behaves well. He lacks the little thing, but I find him in good shape. Speed ​​courses suit him well. With this number rather inside, he will be able to put himself away and then try to come and finish.

Julien Le Mer: Daughter of the Oak (13) was not unworthy last month, in a similar event, when it had to trot for a long time with its nose to the wind. She particularly enjoys this course. It will be necessary to hide the effort from him for as long as possible. Despite the presence of a few clients, such as Fabulous Dream or Elmagnifico de Lou, she has her place in the fifth.

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