Opinion of the trainers for the Quinté of Tuesday September 6, 2022

avis entraîneurs et jockey pour le Quinté PMU

Interviews with coaches for the Jean Bart Prize at Auteuil

Pascal Adda: Crazy Foot (1) has just proven its shape on the flat. He returns to the obstacles with ambitions. Without being 100% yet, it is able to provide good value as of Tuesday. His result of the day will allow us to refine the rest of his program as well as possible.

Miss Anne-Sophie Pacault: Avel of Kerbarh (2) will make its comeback and will probably need this race. It is also much better over steeples than over hurdles.

Bernard Criqui: Lyon Clermont (3) hasn’t raced since March. It was a voluntary stop, because he had worked well during the winter. He looks good but he hasn’t been seen in competition for almost six months. We expect good behavior but I don’t know if that will be enough. This race will show me his true level of form.

Arnaud Chaillé-Chaillé: Mathan Hopi (4) had a few vacations. So we restart it. We won’t stop her from doing anything but I think she’s going to miss her a bit. It can, perhaps, eventually take a fifth place, but it really is a restart.

Miss Sonia Delaroche: Golden Witch (5) had a good summer. Like many of her opponents of the day, she will make her comeback here. She worked accordingly. His last serious work, under the saddle of Théo Chevillard, really pleased me. It seems to me capable of providing a good resumption of contact.

Mathieu Pitart: We rested Halo On Fire (6) This year. It will make a calm comeback over obstacles and will have no ambitions for this race. The objective is above all to make a good comeback. You just have to watch him run and see him again in more favorable conditions.

Erwan Grall: I gave a flat race to improve the physical condition of Fences (8) with a view to returning to an obstacle. He defended himself very well that day. It comes in advanced condition and often runs its best value when it has freshness. A soft ground would be welcome for him. Its margin is thin at the level of fifths, but a place is within its reach.

Francois Nicole: Six One (9) took advantage of an interesting entry to make a victorious comeback this summer at Clairefontaine. Tuesday, he will present himself in very good condition for his return to the handicaps and on the broomsticks of Auteuil. A context in which he has already highlighted himself last year.

Nicolas Devilder: We must forget the last race of Obeaux Dentor (10), in the Grand Steeple de Clairefontaine, where he had to evolve on a track that was not to his liking. Moreover, with the fast pace, the distance was too long. The horse is well and shows great regularity. He should behave well.

Jehan Bertran from Balanda: Goliath (12) is ready to return. He doesn’t have much leeway anymore. I saved it for the end of the year, not running it through the summer. It will be better as soon as the grounds become heavy. He loves Auteuil. He can take a good place.

Ms. Sophie Leech: Land is very important for McGroarty (13), because he was very effective on a fast track at Clairefontaine. Now it’s up to him to show that he can do the same on a bigger racetrack, at Auteuil, and on perhaps softer ground. Regarding its increased value, it remains competitive.

Laurent Viel: Saint-Anjou (14) would now be better in the second test. He may still need to run. He’ll try to come and get a little check if he can.

Pascal Journiac: Courch Virean (15) runs very little, because it is fragile, but it makes its value every time. It is making a comeback but therefore runs very fresh; she is really good. I would have preferred her to be in the second round but she can take fifth place.

Guy Denuault: Obviously, I would have been more confident if Happydenuo (16) had taken part in the second test of this “divided”… But we will compose. The mare is in good shape and ready to defend herself well. It is certainly coming back from the steeplechase but has the means to finish among the top five for its return to the brooms.

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