Opinion of the trainers for the Quinté of Saturday September 3, 2022

avis entraîneurs et jockey pour le Quinté PMU

Coach interviews for the Prix Jockey at Vincennes

Jarmo Niskanen: Disambiguation (1) is now rid of her little health problems and she is not precocious, she has been able to show her true face lately. Currently, she has nothing else to run. Here, it’s a test both on the main track at Vincennes and at this level of competition. She is progressing. This outing will be rich in lessons for the rest of his career.

Benoit Robin: Hamlet du Vivier (2) won with style at Enghien in mid-August. He has the winnings to try his luck at this level. Why deprive yourself of it? I let myself be tempted, especially as it has worked very well, it is on the rise. If this level is too difficult, it has a closed race at the end of the month. We’re up against the elite, but I’m sure he won’t be ridiculous.

Pascal Jean Cordeau: Hinden (3) passed a test against the best for his return to Paris-Vincennes. It was more than conclusive, even if we miss the podium and the direct qualification for the Critérium des 5 Ans by very little. He climbs the ladder one after the other. He likes competition and rhythm in the race. He stayed very well. We savor the present moment while dreaming a little. I believe it.

Pierre Belloche: Horsy Dream (4) is splendid now and on the rise. In the past, he has shown that he can succeed on the main track at Vincennes. He can also go ahead like waiting. It will be interesting to judge him at this level, because it is no longer the same category. That said, I have confidence in him, because he has qualities that give him a chance for places. He’s doing well too.

Matthew Abrivard: Have a Dream (5) formed the wagon of two last time. So, I brought a lot of people on my back and he held his game well in this unfavorable context. It must be led to the economy. He has a lot of speed and is brave. It looks good to me and will benefit from the long distance. We can try to take a small place.

Jean-Michel Bazire: Herald of Arms (6) obtained its qualification for the Criterium recently. It is good to come from behind. It is progressing well. He has worked a little harder since his third-place finish on August 20. He is fine. He will be completely unshod in the Critérium des 5 Ans. In the meantime, he still has to finish on the podium.

Christian Bigeon: Hip Hop Haufor (7) made a good comeback. I put myself at the back of the peloton over 2,175 meters. In the last bend, I was going easy then he only did the straight but in a very good style. He will appreciate finding an outfit course. He’s good. We may not be too offensive. There are the good ones of the generation, but he can fit into the fifth.

Yannick Henry: Astronaut (9) won in Granada for his semi-return. The opposition will be different this time. We return to the capital with the best. He worked well for this race. He rode to Grosbois on Tuesday. I can’t wait to see his behavior and show that we are present. We’re going to finish it. I would be satisfied with a place and seeing him draw a sharp finish.

Jean-Luc Dersoir: Hokkaido Jiel (10) left on a false step during his comeback. Then he made a decent run. With him, you have to be careful when you leave. He’s good. There is opposition with Hohneck and Happy Valley, but with the help of a good course, we can be fourth or fifth.

Benoit Robin: Landret Hussar (11) was brave for his return to Paris-Vincennes. I went out a bit early, but he only stalled fifty yards from goal, finishing close. It will evolve on the rise, after having been six weeks without racing. I save his feet for the Criterium. He will be shoed lightly at the hindquarters and has already shone as well. He will do his best by running for cover. He can place himself.

Alexandre Abrivard: Hanna des Molles (12) I liked it and was reassuring the last time. Admittedly, she only finished eighth, but on a speed course and after three poor performances. She behaved well. I hope to see her on the climb a fortnight from the Criterium, to be able to aim for a place in group I. Here, I will run her wisely and make her finish again.

Jean-Michel Bazire: Hooker Berry (13) is on the rise over the races this summer. Happier lately, he would have finished on the podium. Here, I unshod him four feet. He will also have his blinkers. It is practical and has a very good burst of speed. It has its place at the finish.

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