Opinion of the trainers for the Quinté of Friday September 2, 2022

avis entraîneurs et jockey pour le Quinté PMU

Interviews with the coaches for the Prix Diotima at Vincennes

Pierre-Emmanuel Mary: Expeditious (1) needs a trip to the economy and get brought back. It is also preferable not to make the fort at the start of the course. It repeats its values ​​and evolves in form. Over 2,100 meters, the pace should be sustained. He can still stand.

Benjamin Goetz: El Fuego (2) has just run very well after a long absence, following health problems. He is very good for this race. His number will be decisive (note: he inherited the 2) and he is on the rise. It should finish on arrival. Ideally, it should be hidden, not too far from the head.

Sylvain Roger: Walnut Feeling (3) is a regular horse, which makes all its races, but it needs a good course. If he inherits a number not too far out, he should have a good run (note: he has 3). Being a little less good left-handed, the big track will serve his interests.

Joel Van Eeckhaute: Shepherd’s Trickster (4) is above all a grass horse, but he had a very good behavior on the sand of Cabourg the penultimate time, while being unhappy, locked in the rope. It has just had a very good race at Ecommoy. In the momentum, there is this commitment of old horses that presents itself. Being on the front line gives him a chance. It takes a hidden path for him.

Sebastien Ernault: Flash of Vely (5) decompressed this summer but returns in good condition. Recently in Cabourg, with the irons, it did not displease me. He hadn’t worked hard before this race. He’s been really good since. He likes the 2,100 meters. He has proven himself. Front line engagement is very good. I especially fear Önas Nougat. With a clear race (you have to hide it), I count on him.

Laurent Michel David: Garden Lantern (6) doesn’t really do the big Vincennes track, I preferred to use it on flat tracks. Having just run well in Les Sables-d’Olonne, I am trying over 2,100 meters, where he will only have to climb once. If it goes well, hopefully he’ll be in the top five, with the help of an economy run.

Joel Hallais: Far West of the Rib (7) held its game well at Mont-Saint-Michel. I won’t be able to unshod him from the forelimbs this time, but he will be tackled. He has already done well in the capital and on the 2,100 meters. You just have to preserve the effort. He likes to follow the train and is not afraid of the rhythm in the course. He can grab a place.

Nils Pasha: Dear Money (8) needed to breathe after winter. It ran very well at Beaumont-de-Lomagne before disappointing a little on the grass. He is a little sensitive in the hindquarters, tackling him is beneficial. He was good at Auch against quality opposition, especially as he put in the effort. It’s a great race here. You don’t have to start it, but it can do the last eight hundred meters. He has his say.

Yves Dreux: Feeling Boy (9) had a great summer. On paper, it’s a very good commitment. The small downside is the 2,100 meter autostart, because it’s not too much of a rout. Over 2,700 meters, a wide track, he would have been safe in the top five. There, I have a small reserve. If there is train, it can benefit him. Being a little delicate, he must not do anything stupid.

Matthew Varin: Figaro Gema (10) has evolved very well since his arrival and confirmed his meeting in Biarritz. He has calmed down well and the work at the beach suits him perfectly. I hadn’t necessarily planned to run this race, but by detailing the field, it has a chance of making the finish. The 2,100 meters won’t be a problem. He has just won in a very good time. He is really good.

Antoine Lherete: Flaubert Gédé (11) discovered a good entry at Agon-Coutainville on Monday, and would have disputed the podium if he had not taken off at the start of the straight line, at the road crossing. He did not take hard and can resort to four days. He is developing in great shape. Tony Le Beller knows him perfectly. With a clear course, it must compete for the finish at this level. The 2,100 meters suit him very well.

Bjorn Goop: Giant Shadow (12) will make his comeback. I’m going to hide it and I’ll see what happens, but its task looks very complicated.

Yannick Desmet: Onas Nougat (13) probably ran a little closer after Dieppe, he was less sharp at Cabourg. Since then, it has regained freshness. Tuesday morning at the beach it appeared fine, with gas. I’m going to put an earplug and blinders on him. He is a little better on the right hand but he made the long run. He has a good burst of speed. I count on him for the podium.

Joao David Ferreira: Fakir of Gesvres (14) was stuck on one hand last time and didn’t want to spin. Too bad, because he would surely have been in the top five. I tested it with down blinders on Tuesday morning, and it fits very well. So he will have them. He’s a speed horse. He can be in the top five. It would be better with train to breathe well in the course.

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