Oops ! Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine reveals an intimate secret about Pierre Arditi and Evelyne Bouix

Oops !  Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine reveals an intimate secret about Pierre Arditi and Evelyne Bouix

Did Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine make a mistake? Live in C à vous, the presenter released a fairly intimate secret about Pierre Arditi and Evelyne Bouix.

Even if Laurent Ruquier has abandoned the box on Saturday evening, he is still very busy. Guest on the set of It’s up to you alongside Michèle Bernier and Olivier Sitruk, the companion of Hugo Manos returned to the play he wrote to them. In the latter, a very specific subject is addressed: the life of a couple who does not live on the same landing. “It’s very modern”says Olivier Sitruk, before being completed by the author of the piece: “It comes from the United States and some couples have adapted it”. While men are quite inclined to test this solution, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, not at all seduced, wishes to make Michèle Bernier react.

And for the actress too, this way of seeing the couple is not appreciable: “I don’t know. For those who want to do it surely. After me, I wouldn’t see myself sharing a man…” Faced with the reluctance of Michèle Bernier, Laurent Ruquier declares : “There are famous actors, memory, who live on the same landing, who each have an apartment, on each side of the landing”. And apparently, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine is well aware: “Pierre Arditi and Evelyne Bouix”, she blurts, shocking the set. “Ah, you knew it. But I didn’t mention them”, Laurent Ruquier then replies, quite surprised that she delivers such intimate information.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine: “They talk about it very willingly!”

To defend herself, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine declares: “They talk about it very willingly! I’m a grave. Give me something, it won’t be revealed at all!”launches the presenter of It’s up to you, in front of a Patrick Cohen who waves no with his finger. A hilarious sequence which largely made Michèle Bernier laugh, still shocked by the words of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.

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