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If the Mevlüt Erding episode (free, 35) showed us one thing, it’s that Laurent Batlles knows precisely what he wants (or doesn’t want) for ASSE. A few days ago, the Turkish international, at the end of his contract with Ümraniyespor, offered himself to the Greens on RMC: “I expressed my desire for Saint-Etienne because it is a legendary club, a club apart, which needs players like me to make the link between the players and the coach, to show the greatness of the club (…) I told Loïc Perrin that I could come back for free. I just want to see Saint-Etienne at the top”. Even if the file was pushed by the sports coordinator of Saint-Etienne, rather favorable to his arrival, the Loire coach said no. Not tempted by a profile that didn’t fit into his game plan.

Erding is no, Dingome expected

After Kévin Mirallas, who had made the same type of proposal, and Billal Brahimi (Dunkirk, 22) who will join SM Caen, it is another player who joins the non-exhaustive list of players failed by the Greens on the altar of the new project. A project that will probably be done without Ibrahim Sissoko (free, 26 years old). If the former Chamois Niortais striker pleased Laurent Batlles and received an offer from ASSE, it did not correspond to his financial requirements or his wish to evolve in Ligue 1. The Malian striker did. stored in a drawer while waiting for better and AS Saint-Etienne has placed itself in a waiting position on a Mercato where the arrival of a N ° 9 for Ligue 2 is considered anyway.

While waiting for the striker (who he probably won’t find in Aube), Laurent Batlles continues his arrangements between friends to try to bring in a third (and last?) ESTAC player: Tristan Dingomé (31) . If the file – which was on track last week – has been delayed, it is also because ASSE is trying to recover the former Rémois, still under contract until June 2023, at the lowest possible price. . Free as long as you want. Even if Bruno Irles does not rely particularly on his midfielder, the case is a little less easy to unravel than is that of Jimmy Giraudon.

ASSE looks elsewhere for the attacker and the left piston

On the side of Troyes in any case, we do not see too badly the fact that Laurent Batlles comes to do his shopping in the team. In the columns of L’Est Eclair, sports director François Vitali summed up the collective thinking: “Laurent is right to seek players he trusts and with whom he performed in Ligue 2 and during the first part of the season in Ligue 1. It’s normal. If Laurent wants players who match him and we are open, there is no reason. Some will have an interest in the proposed project in Saint-Étienne; others will want to continue in Ligue 1, with ESTAC. But it is the project of the players, beyond the emotional side; for a player, playing in Ligue 1 is still stronger than playing in Ligue 2.”

The opening of ESTAC is however limited to players whose current coach no longer wants: which is neither the case of Florian Tardieu, nor that of a Xavier Chavalerin, a Yoann Salmier or a Gauthier Gallon. Tristan Dingome is totally transferable. Just like Jessy Moulin, even if the salary of the former ASSE understudy is high for an additional player in Ligue 2. It’s a safe bet that the Dingome file will be Laurent Batlles’ last in his former club. For the currently sought-after left piston and the center-forward, it is not on the Dawn side that it will be necessary to look for promises of employment …

The Mercato ASSE update

After a week with three major signings in four days (Chambost, Briançon, Giraudon), ASSE has advanced its pawns for a final Trojan. For the other files, there will be a little more waiting and it will be elsewhere.

Alexandre Corboz

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