on the 200th day of the conflict, Russia withdraws its troops from Balakliïa and Izium in the face of kyiv’s advances in the East

on the 200th day of the conflict, Russia withdraws its troops from Balakliïa and Izium in the face of kyiv's advances in the East

Cover image: Remnants of the fighting on a road, in Balaklïïa, in the Kharkiv region, on September 10, 2022. The city is one of the localities retaken by Ukrainian forces from the Russian occupier. JUAN BARRETO / AFP

  • Ukraine is now living its 200e war day. kyiv claimed, on Saturday September 10, breakthroughs on the southern front and confirmed the reconquest of Kupyansk in the east. This key city is located on Russian army supply routes. This Ukrainian success could significantly affect Moscow’s ability to supply and provide effective logistical support to its positions on the Eastern Front. The Ukrainian army took over some “2,000 kilometers of territory” since the beginning of September, announced the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, in his daily address. He did not specify if it was km2.
  • The Russian army announced on Saturday that it had ” took of “ his strengths present in the areas of Balakliïa and Izioum, in eastern Ukraine where kyiv reports progress, in order to ” gather “ near Donetsk, further south. In the separatist region, the situation is ” hard “recognized on Saturday a pro-Russian separatist leader, Denis Pushilin.
  • According to information from the Russian press agency TASS taken up by the Guardianresidents of occupied areas were advised from the Kharkiv region to evacuate to Russia. That “will save lives”affirmed the administrator of the zone, installed by Moscow, Vitaly Ganchev.
  • Negotiations with Moscow are currently impossible, because “no one believes” the Russian authorities, judged the Ukrainian president on Friday at the annual international forum Yalta European Strategy (YES) which was held in Kyiv. In an interview at Sunday newspaper, the Ukrainian foreign minister more directly called Vladimir Putin a “liar”. ” Experience has shown us that the best ground for discussion with Putin is the battlefield”did he declare. According to a Ukrainian news website, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken raised the idea of ​​resuming peace talks during his meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday in the Ukrainian capital.
  • Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmygal lamented on Saturday a “passive behavior” from the International Monetary Fund, worrying about ” time limit “ in the IMF’s review of Ukraine’s request for assistance. Ukraine asked the IMF in August for a new aid program when its economy, heavily hit by the Russian invasion, risks contracting by more than 30% this year.
  • Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock arrived in the Ukrainian capital on Saturday for a surprise visit, intended to ” to show “ that Ukraine “can count” on Berlin’s support, his ministry announced. Germany will continue to support Kyiv “as long as it takes, through the delivery of arms, through humanitarian and financial support”assures M.me Baerbock, cited in a communicated of his services. This is his second visit to kyiv since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

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