Occitania. Carole Delga announces aid “up to 5,000 euros” for the purchase of a new electric vehicle

Occitania.  Carole Delga announces aid "up to 5,000 euros" for the purchase of a new electric vehicle
Carole Delga, president (PS) of the Occitanie Region, is not on the same line as her political formation which is currently negotiating its rapprochement with rebellious France for the Legislative 2022.
Carole Delga, president (PS) of the Occitanie Region, presented a plan for the power to live and sovereignty in the region. (©GL / News Toulouse)

“We have always had the ambition to become the first positive energy region in Europe” , has recalled Carol Delga, from the start of his speech, Wednesday June 29, 2022, at Toulouse. The President of the Region was speaking within the framework of the presentation of the regional plan for the “power to live” and sovereignty.

New aid for electric vehicles

The elected socialist returned to her field experiences. “What do the French women and men talk to me about? First of all, of the question of the power to live, that the end of the month is more and more difficult, that they have more and more constrained expenses”. This issue of the power to live, Carole Delga is aware of it: “ That’s the question travel and cost at the pump. When you live in a rural environment, when you need a car, public transport is not always present and the car is essential”. The Region has therefore decided to intensify its aid.

“That’s why we decided to increase and open the ecocheque to new electric vehicles. Until then, we only helped used ones. We wanted to go up to 5,000 euros in aid for a vehicle new electric vehicle, to take into account this need to switch to electric vehicles. And this Wednesday morning, it was recalled again: Europe’s decision to put an end to internal combustion engines in 2035.”

Carole DelgaPresident of the Occitanie Region

As the President of the Occitanie Region pointed out, “Bruno Le Maire recalled that state aid, which can go up to 9,500 euros, have been extended for a further six months. She gave the example of two new electric vehicles, the price of which is 33,700 euros. “So we have 5,000 euros from the regional ecocheque which is added to the 9,500, that means 14,500 euros in aid in Occitania. This is a significant drop”.

Who is eligible and for what amount?

The President specified that this aid would be allocated to non-taxable persons, that is “50% of the population of the region” and that it prevails for the inhabitants of the 13 departments. On the other hand, no aid is provided for taxable persons.

In concrete terms, the amount paid by the Region will be €5,000 for vehicles with Crit’Air 4 vignettes, and €4,000 for the Crit’Air 3, subject of course to scrapping the car in question.

Craftsmen also helped

Note that Carole Delga also mentioned aid for craftsmen. “I didn’t want artisans in rural areas, who have 30% of their turnover on a Low Emission Zone (In Toulouse Where Montpellier therefore, editor’s note), be penalised, hence the aid of 3,000 euros that we implement. The elected official recalled her wish: “We act to unite, and not to divide or oppose urban and rural”.

On the sidelines of the presentation of aid, Carole Delga also raised the problem of electric charging stations. “Today, in Occitania, rural areas are a little better equipped than the big cities. We must work on this question of large cities. The President of the Occitanie Region announced “a system that we are going to build with Caisse des Dépôts, so that there can be electrical terminals at the level of condominiums in large collective complexes. »

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“Helping small projects”

In terms of support for energy renovation, Carole Delga recalled that the Occitan and Catalan territory included ” 31 advice counters. In France, in 2021, there were 160,000 consultations on support for renovation. 80,000 were in Occitania. We only represent 10% of the French population, but thanks to our proactive action, we have succeeded in have a mesh which allows the inhabitants of rural areas to have a nearby renovation advice point”.

“We want to support the power to live, our sovereignty by reducing energy consumption, developing renewable energies. We also need to be able to help the smallest renewable energy development projects. Today, the State is reducing its aid for renewable energy projects that are less than 500 kilowatt-hours. The Region will compensate for this disengagement of the State because we must multiply these small projects.

Carole DelgaPresident of the Occitanie Region

And companies also have a crucial role, as indicated Christian Assaf, regional councilor and president of the Regional Energy Climate Agency (AREC). “It is important to work with them to encourage them to reduce their energy consumption. There is the idea, with the device FITEEO (Financier for Industry and the tertiary sector of energy efficiency in Occitanie) to intervene in the diagnosis, but also to allow companies to reduce their energy consumption without spending their cash primarily on this. »

2030 then 2050 in the viewfinder

Carole Delga then projected herself. First in the (very) short term, speaking of 1er July 2022. This is the day when this plan “ to 200 million euros”, including “25 million euros for the mobility ecocheque”, will be activated. “The measures will be put in place at that time”, continues the elected official, who justified the expression “power to live” instead of “purchasing power”: “I am for a society of the fulfilment, not consumption. Living is stronger than buying“. Then she looked at the longer term, and recalled that “what we want is to cover 100% of our renewable energy needs on a 2050 scale”.

By train, the most attractive fare range

In its fight against global warming and still in the box of travel, the Region has hammered home its desire to promote transport, such as the train. And Jean-Luc Gibelin, vice-president in charge of mobility for all and transport infrastructure, wanted to make a reminder. “The SNCF itself insists on the fact that we have the most interesting tariff range, the cheapest train”, he underlined. “33,000 young people have the ‘+ equals 0’ device, and we will announce, in a few days, a device for seniors.”


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