Numbers in 06 and 07 soon banned for cold calling

Numbers in 06 and 07 soon banned for cold calling
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“Commercial” communication services will no longer be able to contact you via an 06 or an 07. (© Adobe Stock)

Who has never been annoyed by seeing an SMS from a 06 or 07 and realizing that it is a commercial message, when it is not a scam?

Well from the 1er January 2023, commercial services will no longer have the right to use these numbers. Indeed, the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications, Posts and Press Distribution (Arcep) published its numbering plan on Monday, September 5.

This specifies that the use of 06 or 07 must serve ” exclusively to interpersonal communications services”. That is, between humans. A way for Arcep to fight against “fraud and abuse”.

A matter of trust

In her decisionArcep recalls that “10-digit mobile numbers are now most often permanently attached to a specific end subscriber who can be reached in all circumstances”.

This has considerably increased the confidence that users can have in such numbers, to the point that they keep their number for long periods of time, and who have the intuition that any call received from a mobile number will give them the ability to reliably call back the recipient.

Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications, Posts and Press Distribution

Thus, when we receive a call from a 06, we expect to have someone on the line who is a human, outside of any commercial framework.

Except that Arcep received multiple reports through its “J’alerte l’Arcep” platform which “testified to the use of 10-digit mobile numbers for the mass sending of SMS messages, often for advertising purposes, even fraudulent in some cases “.

A management decision

Faced with this observation, Arcep therefore decided to reserve the use of mobile numbers in 06 and 07 exclusively for interpersonal communications services.

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ART considers that any mobile number should only be used to provide a number-based interpersonal communications service.


Technically, if the rule is respected, you should no longer receive phone calls and / or SMS with mobile numbers for commercial reasons.

This decision also makes sense in a context where all French people have at least one (sometimes two) mobile phones and when the number of numbers in 06 or 07 cannot be extended.

Which number for the platforms?

However, do not panic for the platforms which have a fallback solution provided by Arcep, with a new category of numbers.

Consequently, use between a mobile subscriber and a technical platform can be done with a number in 09, easily identifiable.

These numbers could, for example, be used to establish conversations by message between a brand and its customer, or for very short-term use of telephone numbers for certain situations of ephemeral contact via a platform (parcel deliverers, VTC drivers , etc.).


As a reminder, the law of November 15, 2021 aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of digital technology in France gives Arcep the ability to specify the categories of numbers that can be presented to the recipient during communications made by automated call systems. and sending messages.

With this decision, it will be easier to identify a nuisance call. Good news at a time when these proliferate.

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