MotoGP Misano J2 Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha / 8): “I’m disappointed!”

MotoGP Misano J2 Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha / 8): "I'm disappointed!"

Fabio Quartararo finished qualifying for the Grand Prix of San Marino and the Rimini Riviera in eighth place, a position which the French driver considered disappointing in front of the journalists.

However, he is only three tenths from pole position and, above all, he was treated to the worst conditions for his YZR-M1, with a dry track but wet curbs. The official Yamaha rider explains why in his answers, while the noise level of Iwata’s hospitality did not allow us to hear the questions posed to the young Niçois…

Fabio Quartararo “The conditions were very tricky, especially because we couldn’t use the vibrators. Everything is very tight and unfortunately we weren’t able to qualify very well.”

“It’s the maximum we could do, but I’m disappointed. With these conditions there are some corners where you can’t go on the curbs, like turn 6, as I couldn’t really keep the speed that we can have with the Yamaha, and we have no acceleration . So overall turns 6 and 7 weren’t very good, and in turn 15 I had to have less passing speed because you couldn’t get on the curbs. So yes, I’m disappointed, but it’s still the same problem. I’m starting to have a lot less fun than before, and we need to find a solution pretty quickly. I don’t want to complain, because I think everyone knows where the problem is, but you know, when you’re fighting for pole positions and wins all the time, you’re having a lot more fun than when you’re doing a third line. If today I had done the same time and I was P1, P2 or P3, I would have tried to fight for something that I thought I could do, because I know that maybe I had the potential to do better today, even though we know that the conditions were very difficult. But in general, we know that we have the potential to do much better than that, but I only made one position this year! In Indonesia, on a new circuit, because the conditions were tricky and we had a new tire that we hadn’t tried in the test. But we are super far from the others. »

” This is the problem ! Where can I overtake? I do not know ! It’s a circuit where you need a lot of acceleration and braking. If you’re not at least a little close, you can’t overtake. Of course, in Austria, I was able to overtake, but that requires a lot of risk for the slightest overtaking. Of course, I will have to make a very good start, an excellent first lap and play a lot in the first corners. »

“The problem is that it rained but it was dry. But we couldn’t use the curbs because they were really wet, and in a turn like 6, honestly I’m practically going up on the inside green to cut as much as possible and make the maximum passing speed, but without using this vibrator, I had to go much wider and prepare the exit much more. We accelerate, but compared to the others we have nothing, so from turn 6 to turn 8 we lose a lot. In the last two corners, I didn’t take the outside curb and I was already losing a few centimeters, but these few centimeters, honestly, it makes a small difference. Often, on this circuit, I was able to pass because I try to use the last millimeter of the curb to make the maximum of passing speed. »

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